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1 Bottle of Wine…

Hmm, interesting weekend.. I didn’t really do anything though.

Friday was the bike ride, and then hanging out with Austin, Robert, and that guy. That was fun.

Saturday I laid around the house all day, cleaned and didn’t really do much. I went down to the OC about 9ish and hung out with Oda. I forgot how nice and HOT he is! We drank a whole bottle of wine each and watched Harry Potter and talked about how hot Harry is. 🙂 We ended up cuddling in bed, which was fun, I fell asleep, woke up about 3ish and came home.

Sunday, I again just laid around the house the whole day, went on a walk and again didn’t do much. I’ve been REALLY tired, and still in a bit of pain from the ouchies.

I also booked my flights for christmas and the flights to Vegas. So that’s exciting! Although I hate spending that much all at once… Just over $450 for both flights. 🙁

Saturday night, I was supposed to hang out with this guy, but we were getting ready to hang out, talking about where to go, etc. And we somehow got into a huge fight about Another Gay Movie and the 9/11 Movies. Ugh! That’s a bad sign.

Oh, I also think that some of the off-networks are coming out with better original programming then the major networks. Ala: ThreeMoons, Kyle XY, Psych, etc.

And lastly, I was on adam4adam this weekend, and this guy messaged me. He was rude and stupid, so I ignored his message.. Then he sent me another one with “?”. I ignored that, then ANOTHER… With just: “???”. I blocked him. THEN he messages my myspace account… Said: “HAHA BITCH I FOUND YOU NOW IM GONNA HACK YOUR BITCH ASS I GOT YOUR IP AND ALL YOUR INFORMATION SO YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR ASS CAUSE I WANT NO LIE AND NO JOK I GOT ALL YORU INFORMATION AND IM SHUTTING YOUR ASS DOWN

I blocked him. THEN, one of my friends messages me and says that he sent her a message telling her that I gave him a blowjob, that I have AIDS and that he’s apparently messaging everyone on my friends list.. UGH! What is it with stupid fuckers. So annoying.

The VPN is down, YET AGAIN. Which means I can’t do work. This is so annoying.


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