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Pirates, Pirates! Everywhere!

Apparently they are filming scenese of the next Pirates of the Carb movie… OUT MY FRONT DOOR!


Sorry it’s so blurry, it was a LONG ways away. Jason and I saw it coming in while we were still on our bike ride, I hauled ass back to my house, grabbed my camera and got the best pic I could before it went into the harbor.. Perhaps this weekend I’ll head down there and get some closer pics of it… I hear it’s here for 9 days….

Pretty damn cool.. That’s two movies in the as many weeks I’ve seen being filmed right here in Redondo!!

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I know it’s so cool! Hopefully this weekend, I can get better pics of it!

You should see ALL the freaking shit they have in the harbor for it… And last night there were SO MANY people all lined up to try and get a glimpse of it.

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