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A few other things I forgot to write about…

1) On the flight from Phoenix to DSM, I sat next to a Jr VP at Wells Fargo… I gave her my resume… We talked the whole 2.5 hours of the flight. She was really nice.

2) On the flight in and out of DM, the same hot boy was on both flights.. He was SO Yummy! OMG!

3) I have decided that BF’s make you a Flake! Both Jed and Justin ditched me every time I tried to hang out with them in Iowa… Now Jed, I’m used to ditching me, but Justin has NEVER ditched me.. But now that he has a bf he did every time. It was very annoying.

4) Everyone in Iowa has a bf! And it makes me sad. 🙁 I even met a cute, nice boy while I was back! Granted, they could all do better in the choice of the bf, but they all have ones, and they all seem happy about who they are with!

I started in the new Cube today.. I like the windows, nice view of the court yard. However, no one told me that I wouldn’t be able to get into the building before 7:30.. Then the internet wasn’t set up right. So I didn’t actually start working till about 9ish. Ugh!

Yay! AmEx Approved me! 🙂

I’m out

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