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Vacation from Vacation!

Ok, well I’m back in Cali everyone.

I had a GREAT time back home. But I’m so socially exhausted. So much shit going on back there, so many great friends, great boys, great people!

Lets see, highlights:

Friday: Hung out with Angel, helped her move. Met the new guy, who’s very nice and cool. Had them over to my place that night and we all got drunk

Saturday: Hung out with the Parents, went hiking with them and got interviewed by the DM Register. My mommy got quoted! Went to sushi with them that night and then went out with David at the Frat, had an amazing time. It’s nice being back cause I’m the new hot guy, and everyone wants to talk to me. 🙂 David kept getting all these boys trying to get him to introduce me to them. So that felt nice. 🙂 I also got really drunk and then drove home! So much fun. haha.

Sunday: Hung out with the PU’s again, we went to the new Science center to the Titanic Exhibit. I lived! Went out to dinner with them again. Our waiter told us like every 5 minutes that his name was Dwaine. My dad made fun of him. He was REALLY cute though. 🙂 After that Ginny came over and we went hot tubbing. I was really tired so she didn’t stay too long.

Monday-Wed: Spent these days down at the Grandparents. Had fun times with them. Went out hiking, learned about the Blow Job girl, ate TONS of cookies and other yummy yummy food. Also read a lot. It was a bit stressful bieng down there and having to make all the small talk with them. Oh, also planted lots of flowers and did some other general yard work. Played with Gpa’s guns some. My Gpa has a derringer, which I want so bad! Apparently someone also stole a Nazi Gunbelt from him too, cause he can’t find it anywhere.

WedNight: I went out to the Parade with my cousin and the child. We had a good time, but the parade was way too long.

Thursday: I spent most of the day at home, that night I went out with Zach, Nic, Mandy, and Mellisa. Some random straight boy talked to us all at The Lift. Yay for cheap martinis! We also hit up the Royal Mile that night! 🙂

Friday: I got up fairly early, went to the fair with the cousin and the child, had a good time there. Then took her home and then met up with Angel again and we went back to the fair. Had some more fun and looked at all the HOT Iowa farm boys! Yum yum! After that I went to Angel’s showered and then met up with David, Dusty and Jen at the Frat. Had another great night.. Was out till about 5am, went home and finished packing then went to the airport. Got back to cali about noon.

The new airport stuff is stupid as hell! I walked RIGHT THROUGH security with a Nalgene full of water, no one even blinked. So cleary they are not doing much really about this. Then, apparently you can’t even take water, food, etc onto the plane that you BUY in the airport! WHAT?! This is retarded. Then once we got to LAX, they were searching EVERYONE’s carry one right before getting on the plane. I think this is overkill AND Stupid! Ugh!

I found some fun new websites too:

1) Amazing fast change.

2) FareCompare.

3) AirFareWatchdog.

4) BlueFly.

5) StubHub.

6) TheaterMania.

7) SmartDecorating.

Oh, and I am NOT a fucking jungle gym. I was sitting on the floor in Phoenix, and this small child came up to me and just stood there staring at me. I was like, “Hi” and then went back to reading my book. Then he started grabbing at my book. (He couldn’t have been more then 2). By this time the mother came over and started talking to me, I replied to her, but acted annoyed. She said that he kid likes to tear pages out of books. I was like.. “Great, then get the fucker away from my book”… Well I didn’t really say that, but it’s what I thought. So I just handed him my bookmark, hoping that would make him happy and he’d wonder away.

Nope, then he started CRAWLING all over me! I was like. GET THIS CHILD OFF ME. How could a parent seriously let the child do that shit. How fucking annoying.


Anywyas, I’ve spent the rest of the weekend hanging out at home. I’ve really needed some alone time.

Adios ya’ll!

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