I Like You! – Amy Sedaris

I just finished reading the book “I like you” by Amy Sedaris, the star of the show and movie Strangers with Candy. I really liked the show and the movie and always found her to be pretty funny, so I was excited when I received her book as a (vary late) birthday present.

I LIke You - Amy SedarisI went straight to reading it and was very surprised by the book. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting and the first 20 pages were the best part of the book. From there the commentary went down hill pretty quickly. To me it seemed as though she got bored with writing it after those first few pages and just started to throw shit in to fill space. Over all the book reads like Martha Stewart on LSD. And that may be an understatement.

I will have to say that my favorite part of the book was the wacky and random photos that are interlaced throughout the book and used as backdrops for the recipes. However there are a few photo montages that just go on for way to long.

I like a lot of the recipes and will be trying them out at the next dinner party I have but the book just keeps going and going and going. I’d definitely check this book out of the library or borrow it from a friend, but I’m not sure it really needs to be part of my book collection.