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So I’ve been in Mexico for three days now. I am so frustrated with these people. I don’t see how anything gets done!

Last year I shipped a pallet worth of computers (about $12,000) down here. It’s missing…

A few other sheds are “missing” other things. WTF. Where does this shit disappear too. My driver and translator are driving me nuts. The translator is super hot but he doesn’t know enough english to be effective. So I have to use my iPhone translator app to translate to him. Ugh! Plus they tell me the same fucking thing like 5 times. Yes I ALREADY KNOW that we are going back to Caborca and that we are doing Paulino tomorrow. THANKS! Also when I say “Officina Porfavor” I mean I want to go to the fucking OFFICE! Not the fucking hotel. (which is where I am currently and NOT where I want to be)

In other news, things are actually going smoother then expected. That’s good news. But then we haven’t started USING the system yet. This is all just pre-setup. I’m sure once we start with training things will go downhill. One place we setup yesterday. I got a call today that nothing was working. We go back there tonight and they had unplugged EVERYTHING and tried to set it up again themselves. WTF was the point of me even going if they were going to do that. And they didn’t even plug a SINGLE network cable back into the right place.

In other news… I’m kind of reluctant to write this cause I know he reads my blog, but at the same time I know I want to write it for myself when I’m 80 and going crazy.

Anyways. last time we were in bishop Gavin made a deal with ECH that he had to call two people and ask them out on dates… I kind of had a feeling I’d be one of them and I was… Which I was happy about.

I hated and I mean HATED ECH when I first met him… I never really had a reason he was always nice, everyone else loved him, but I just had a grudge or something against him. Sophia and I had many many talks about it and I could never really figure it out, she kept saying give it a change, maybe you’ll end up going out… Over the last couple months we’ve been spending a lot of time together, he’s been slowly growing on me. About a month ago I texted SOphia after one of our climbing trips that ECH was on and I said something like. “ECH is really growing on me.”… A couple days later I txted her again. “I kinda wanna just call ECH and chat.”.

So anyways. He did ask me out. We went out last friday night. Dinner, Movie, walked through christmas lights and then he spent the night. I had a really enjoyable time. I’m a little hesitant and def wanna move along slowly though. I don’t wanna f-up the climbing vibe/group and plus.. It’s ECH! lol

Looking forward to the next date!

Headed back to Tuscon tomorrow and then LA on Friday. Can’t wait to get a few days at home!

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Climbing, not attachement

Wow.. What an amazing weekend of climbing… I came here to climb, see old friends and meet some new ones.. Never thought that I would get attached to someone so quickly.

I worked only two days last week, thanks for that you crazy holidays! 🙂 Flew into West Virginia on Wed evening and met these two random people at the airport, Chris (female) and David… Along with Todd, Mark and Dane. We rented the car and headed off.

Got to the city and went out to dinner at this place that was owned by a rock climber. Had some great food then went to the Hostel/camp grounds. Met up with everyone, setup tents, etc. Just socialized that evening. It was great seeing everyone!

Thursday was our first big day of climbing. Met up with everyone at the pavilion at 9am and then headed off to this area called Summersville. It was a great area! The hike was awesome, beautiful area, etc. It’s all right on a lake out there. You can just unclip, turn around and jump in the lake. I did some nice 5.10a’s there, some 5.9s, etc. Everything seemed WAY harder then it should be. I think it was just the heat and humidity. It was so hard to breathe there some of the day. I spent most of the day climbing with and staring at from a distance this guy David.. He had such a beautiful smile, nice eyes, was a nice person. We chatted for a while and he’s also smart. 🙂 Mechanical Engineer. Cute! Towards the end of the day we headed down to this area called the colosseum where Mike and Conner did a 5.13a! So impressive.

Left from there and we all went out to dinner at this place called Pies and Pints. David sat at the same across from me. There was this guy Taylor sitting next to me and I off handily mentioned how cute he was. Taylor JUMPED up and went over to him and told him right away. He looked back and apparently told Taylor that yes he was interested in me too. But his next words were, “but we live so far away from each other”. So we spent the rest of the evening at the table just looking back and forth at each other, sending smiles, etc. It was so cute!

Out of there about 10pm and I was exhausted so I just went to bed…

Friday morning I woke up early and showered, went to the hostel to hang out and wait for the people to get ready. Left there and went to Kaymoor. It was another great area, lots of fun, harder climbs. I started my day on a 5.10b, did some other climbs, hung out more with David and Chris and attempted a 5.10d. Pretty good fun! It was another beautiful area. That day was a little strange, I was around David and Chris almost all day, chatting with them and what not, but he wasn’t being very talkative at all. I thought I had ruined my chances by not going up to him at the pizza place.

That evening we all did our own thing for dinner, we went and got gumbo. I chatted with Taylor, Gavin, Alex and Dane there. That evening we went back to camp and hung out at the pavilion. David was there, I was chatting with Leo. Eventually moved over next to him and started chatting some more. Then Rio showed up with pot and I went outside to smoke with them. I told David as I left to come outside and chat with us, but he just left!

Saturday we got up, it was POURING rain so we all just hung out for a while at the hostel, went to breakfast at this place called “The Cathedral”, which was an old church converted into a place to eat. After that we all met up and went back to Summersville. Again more of the same, it was an “off” day so I only did 3-4 climbs, all 5.9 and below. Did one lead. Again hung out mostly with David and Chris…. Headed down to the colosseum to watch them climb some more awesome crap! Did some swimming in the lake, made faces at David, etc.

I didn’t want to make any moves. I came here to climb, not to get attached to someone. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we just spent SO MUCH time together in such a short time or what, but he’s such a nice guy. I haven’t really felt this way for someone in a very long time….

We went out to this rib place for dinner that night. David came with us. He and I sat together with Dane and it was a good little chat for the evening.

Got back to camp and again went to the pavilion. Drank some beer, talked with him some. Went back to my camp ground and sat at my bivy and talked. I dropped a few hints about him inviting me back to just cuddle but he didn’t catch on or just didn’t want to. Anyways he said goodnight and gave me a really big tight hug. I didn’t know how to feel about that at the time. crawled in my bivy and tried to think. I couldn’t, got up to go look for him. But couldn’t find him. Just wanted to talk to him more, give him another hug, hold him some. Ugh.

Did not sleep worth shit that night.

Sunday I got up again and we were all going to a breakfast at this place in town. Met up with my gang and headed in. We got a table and a couple minutes later David showed up. He was just down the table on the oposite side, we kept looking at each other and smiling.

Left there and we were going to go to this place called Bubba City. Got there, did this HORRENDOUS hike in only to find out the rock was wet! Did more hiking, bushwhacking, etc. I stuck towards the back with David and Chris the whole time. This was the WORST hike I have ever been on. I hated it, but yet, so much fun! It took us about 2 hours to get back to the car after finding out that the rock was wet. I drove David and Chris back to the camp ground. Chris wanted to nap, so David, Dane and I went off and did our own thing.

There’s this HUGE bridge here in WV so we drove down under that, got pulled over, ate ice cream, went to wal-mart, dane flew in a bi-plane. Good times. I really enjoyed the time that Dane was gone so that David and I could chat. We all went to dinner that night to Pies and Pints again. It was great. David ordered wine…. He knows WINE! WTF! Extra points for him there.

Headed back to the camp ground after that and he and I just sat at the table, talking, drinking beers, etc. Around midnight we decided it was time to go to bed and I asked if I could sleep in his tent and cuddle.. He flat out said “No”. But then he said, there’s a lot of stars lets go look at them. So we went out and looked at them. I grabbed him and hugged him and started trying to kiss him. He didn’t really seem very receptive of it. Ugh he’s so hard to read. I asked a few more times about the whole sleeping in his tent and he just said no. WTF! Crazy boy!

So this morning we got up and it was raining this morning. Packed up my tent and headed over to the hostel. I ran into David and told him we’d be there. Got over there and we headed out to eat right away. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to see him again….

We got back from breakfast and he was gone already. FUck! So we putzed around town ate lunch, I was ready to never see him again. We left to head to the airport. He said his flight was boarding at 3:30pm… We got here just in time to say hello for like 15-20 minutes, say goodbye and then off he went… I was so happy.

The whole drive up to the airport, I just sad. Got here and saw him and was just instantly happy again. Attached.

So yeah. That was the weekend… In a nutshell. AMAZING! Awesome climbers, awesome people, awesome place! I am so sad to be leaving. The weekend went by so fast.

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Lava Beds National Park

Well this past weekend was one hell of a trip! Thursday I left work early and drove up to Fresno to meet with Nick. The bronco did GREAT driving up there although it was HOTTER then a hell and my balls were VERY sweaty! LOL. At one point I contemplated driving in my underwear!

Got to Fresno with some time to kill so I went to this cute little farmers market they have on campus. Enjoyed one of the most amazing Brownie ice cream sandwiches ever, bought some wine for mother and some other things. From there I walked over to the library and read some magazines and hung out. Nick showed up around 6ish and we were off to do last minute errands and other such stuff. Got to bed around 11pm after lots of catching up and what not.

UP early Friday morning, Nick made us a delicious breakfast and we were off to a quick start! The drive up there was great! So many things to see and do. I spent most of the time reading about scenic drives in the US and planning the drive back to Iowa! 8 Hours later and we were in Lava Beds where the fun started right away! We got a camp site and off we went to start exploring!

That evening we did a short cave tour, then hiked to the top of this Butte where they had a fire tower and watched the sunset. Got back to camp, made some delicious dinner and drank some wine. Got yelled at by some bitch in the campsite next to us and then went to bed! 🙂

Saturday we got up early and did a 6 mile hike to the edge of a HUGE lava flow. It was really cool to just see it suddenly all STOP right there. Climbed around on that for a while then hiked back… although this time we stopped and did a little detour up and over a butte and did some “scenic boys” style photos! After that we drove out to this Petroglyph point, where there were no petroglyphs and then hiked around some more and drove through all the fields which were VERY pretty this time of year!

Got back to camp, made a freeze dry meal and went to bed after a quick game of Scrabble in which I came up with the word “Fagit”! LOL.

Sunday we got up early and headed out for the day. Spent the whole day exploring caves which I have decided is NOT my thing to do! LOL. By the end Nick just went in alone and I hiked around on the surface! That evening we went up to Mammoth Crater and played frisbee and hung out. Then we went into town and had dinner! Delicious! If you’re ever in Merril, OR stop at Pappy-Ganders! 🙂

Monday we got up at 5:30 and drove home. I was super tired all weekend for some reason and I did not approve. Monday I had a horrible headache all day! Finally got back to LA at 7pm! Ugh what a long day of driving.

Today I leave for Iowa with Daniel. This should be another interesting TRIP!


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Headed to WA!

So I’m headed to WA in an hour or so. Good stuff. I actually just google mapped Pasco to find out where the fuck it is in the world. Come to find out it’s only 3 hours to some MAJOR stuff that I would love to do! So next time I go, I’ll spend more time up there and plan the trip a little bit better!

So this past weekend was really good. Thursday night, Sirin, Daniel and I went out to dinner and then drinks. Had a lot of fun, lots of chatting, lots of laughing.

Friday was more work. I actually WALKED in on the CFO having a meeting with our contractor about a project that _I_ am doing. He was telling the contractor NOT to do my project that it wasn’t part of the scope of our work. Then after he hung up he DENIED having the meeting, DENIED telling them to NOT do the work: “Chris, I just told him to go ahead with the work, I don’t see what the problem is.” I then had a meeting with the contractor who said that, “I’ve been given the permission to give you information on how to do it.”

UGH. Fucking jackass.

So that night I had dinner and wine with Daniel again. He actually spent the night and we had some “fun”. 😉 Slept very well that night!

Got up Saturday morning and he drove me up to get the Bronco. Got it back to the office, he dropped me off, I cleaned my apartment and then went out shopping.

First stop: DSW Shoes. Where I bought 3 new pairs of shoes! I NEARLY bought a very cute pair of Hugo Boss dress shoes, but they were $150. So I didn’t! 🙁

Second stop: Target. Some bitch yelled at me because I was trying to get around her fat ass. Her HUGE ass was blocking the WHOLE isle and she was walking so fucking slow… Also some fat mexicans were blocking the condoms. Then I come out of the store and this HUGE mexican bitch is trying to get into her truck. With her door LEANING on my car. I move it and there’s this HUGE white mark on the side of my car. I start yelling at her and threaten to call the cops. Blah blah blah. Stupid fat bitch.

Drove home and this asshole pulls out RIGHT infront of me. I have to slam on my brakes and then honk at him and swerve around him to avoid hitting. He starts to tail gate me, so at the next red light I slow down WAY before I need to. He gets all pissy and at the next light he pulls up next to me and starts trying to hit me and make me run off the road. Then pulls RIGHT in front of me, STOPS his car, GETS out and starts screaming at me and hitting my car! So I back up, go around him and speed off. Turn the next corner and get down to the end of the street and then I see him behind me AGAIN! Asshole was following me! So I speed off and lose him in the twists and turns of PV. Fucking crazy ass people!

So that night I made cupcakes and then Daniel came over again. He only stayed for a couple hours but we watched a movie and then he went to Weho with some friends.

Sunday I got up and went rock climbing. Nothing to exciting there. I only got to climb once! To damn many girls are coming climbing now and Jerry is all about letting the girls climb over the guys which is very annoying. But whatever.

Came home from that, packed, did some random shit and then went to bed.

That’s about all people. Later!

PS. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Const and I broke up….

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Week in Mexico and No more Chris Rock!

So last week I was in Mexico again.

What a mess, I got to the airport and checked in. Was waiting for my flight and realized I forgot my passport! So I had to run home quickly, get my passport and then go back to the airport, check in again and get flight changed. What a mess. Then come to find out Southwest got a HUGE fine that same morning for aircraft repair problems. Anyways, got to Tuscon and met Martin. The 4 hour drive to Caborca was very AWK because Martin didn’t speak hardly any english!

Got to Caborca and met up with one of the sheds. Spent 2 hours there the first night and then went to the place to eat. Got back to the office and crashed pretty quickly.

The next morning we got up and went to eat breakfast, came back to the office and was packing up when I dropped my laptop. Broke the backlight on it and the external monitor port! So was without a laptop from then on! Oh shit! Spent the whole day at sheds, etc. It was a very very busy couple days. Didn’t get home until late each day. The final day I was there we got done kinda early. Martin dropped me off at the office and said he’d be back later, much confusion followed because I had no idea what was going on for sure. Anyways, I walked to the store and bought dinner. Martin did end up coming back like 2 hours later!

Friday we got up early and drove back to Tuscon and I got an earlier flight which was no big deal. Got back to LA and went home to play with the new computer.

Saturday I went shopping with Jason and then was at home for a little bit, then out to see a play that Dan was in. It was called “The Painting”. OMG the other guy, Lorenzo, was HOT. Holy hell. Sadly also straight and only 18! LOL The play itself was good, up until the second half when they threw in these HORRIBLE HORRIBLE story plots, suddently Dan’s person is a mean bitch, gay and a killer! FREAKING redic!

Went out with all of them after the play and had a good time.

Sunday I got up and went climbing… We had a great group and did tons of climbing. At one point Jerry gathered a bunch of people up to watch me do my new climb. I was making the move to almost make it over the toughest part and all of a sudden the WHOLE WALL comes off in my hands! A chunk the size of me and probably weighting about as much as a car just ripped right off the wall! Scary as hell! So we ended up naming the now non-existent climb “Chris Rock”, So “Chris rock, chris browned my ass!” lol.

I was pretty well cut up after that and we all know how much I HATE blood, so I was pretty light headed and what not. Went out to lunch after that and then we all went to Azusa to go hiking. Started on the Bridge to Nowhere hike and found that it would be WAY to dangerous to do in the dark on the way back. So we did another hike, which was alright. After that we all went out to a Mexican place in Azusa and had dinner.

Came home after that and basically crashed in bed.

I tried very very hard this weekend to get Matthew to come out with me, the subject of my crush lately. Sadly he rejected me again, so I think it’s time to give up and move on from him. 🙁

Anyways, this week I am going to a concert on Thursday and then perhaps a birthday party on Saturday and then rock climbing and shooting on Sunday! Woot.