Thanks A Lot Sue.

I’m really fucking pissed right now… (In otherwords, this might not make any sense)

Well it appears I won’t be going to EWR or LAX now, thanks a lot Sue.

There’s no way I’m spending $1300 just to fly out there and back. No fucking way.

You know, if she would have just sat down and been cooperative about it all, unless throwing a huge fit everytime Andrew brought it up, we could have easily gotten there by taking Continental instead of going through United. Same airports, only it was NONSTOP from EWR to LAX. You know, much easier, and MUCH cheaper… But no, she couldn’t do that…

Thanks A Lot Sue.

I just want to fucking cry right now. I’ve really been looking forward to this.

I never should have got my hopes up so high for the trip, I knew that something like this would happen.

And that’s my life.

U-TURN! Weeee!

So this weekend has been ABSOLUTELY wonderfull… Minus the few emotional upsetnesses and the annoyance of someone else now coming.

Friday we left here about 4:30 and got there about 7:30 or so. Went to Boston Market and ate there, it was really good food. After that we went back to the hotel, went swimming and hot tubbing. Lots of stupid little kids running around there. We sat outside by the lake for a long time and just talked about alot of little things. Here’s where the Emotional upsetness started some. But it was a really good night… About 10:30ish we went back to the room and watched this show, “Blind Date” Very amusing. After that we went to sleep. Really good to sleep in that BIG bed with Drew Bear. Good night.

Saturday we got up really early…. Well ok, not that early, like 9ish or so. Showered and got ready for the day then headed out to Lawrence. I REALLY liked it there, we had so much fun! I loved Flush, that was really great. And all the stores along those streets were really really fun. I so wish that DM had something like that area. As well as the Plaza area in KC. Both really great outdoor shopping areas.

We spent pretty much the whole day afternoon there hanging out. We ate lunch at this really good place, and it was uber cheap! Umm, after the downtown area we went to the campus and the Art Museum. That was alright, but the woman there was REALLY bitchy. From there we went back to the hotel and hung out for a little bit. Then decided to go to the mall…

Oh was that Mad crazyness. We called the mall to get directions. The guy said to take 435 to 35 and then 95th street. So I ask him which way on 435, and he didn’t know. So I was like. Alright, no biggie, we should be able to figure it out, we came west to get to the hotel from 35, so we need to go east to get back to 35. So we start driving and then decide that we should call and get better directions. So Andrew called and the guy was like, well you need to go West on 435. (We were already heading east). So we get off and do a U-turn and go back West on 435.

Drive and Drive and DRIVE.

And we end up in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. So I’m like, this AIN’T right. We find a road name that we know (Barry Road), so we get off there and start driving back towards the city…

Barry road was REALLY hilly and that was TONS of fun. I really wish we had a video camera for that part of the trip. Well I wish we had a video camera for a lot of the trip. Anyways, FIANNLY found 435 AGAIN (Apparently 435 just wraps around KC), and stopped at a gas station to get directions… That guy gave us MUCH better directions, though it wasn’t quite right. We finally get to 95th street and get off. The guy told us to go right. So we did… And drove and drove. But were heading out into the country. We were like this ISN’T right…. And by now it was 8:45… Mall closes at 9. So we stopped at a crazy Wendy’s in the middle of NO WHERE. And the guy told us that we had to go LEFT once we got off 35, not RIGHT! I was so mad cause we were REALLY close. Grrr.

Anyways, got to the mall RIGHT at 9pm, and went inside and wandered aorund some.

After that left and went back to Downtown KC and went to a gay coffee planet. That was good, but really expensive for what we got.

From there we were going to go to a porn store, but we got there and you had to be 21 to go in. So skipped that and went back to the hotel. Watched some show called Cheaters and then went to bed about 1am.

Today we got up really late, about 10ish. And showered, dressed, and went back to KC. We went to the Kemper Art place. Which is REALLY small and sucks. I don’t recommend going there. After that we walked across the street to this other art thing which was REALLY good. I wish I had been in a better mood, because it would have been really interesting to read all the little things about the art. Though I wasn’t in the mood to read it all. Just to look at the art.

After the art thing we went to the Plaza and ate at the CheeseCake Factory… That was HEAVENLY!

From there to back to the mall where I bought 5 new shirts from Hollister. Everything there was REALLY cute, and I wanted it all.

Once we were done there we drove back to Waukee. The ride here was nice. But very saddening at the same time. All I could think about was how in less then 4 weeks time, Andrew will be gone. And all this fun times will be ending. I just wanted to cry the whole way home.

We finally got home and said our goodbyes. Then I was going to drive back to Ames… But the Hickman onramp was CLOSED, so I had to drive all the way to 86th street to get onto the interstate. Very annoying.

Anyways, the weekend was REALLY REALLY REALLY great, even though I spent most of the time being PISSED at Dustin for ditching us at the last moment. We did a lot of U-turns and never MAJORLY got lost. Just a few minor times being lost, but they were fun.

The only thing I wish was different was that Andrew hadn’t been sick, and that we had taken more pictures. And perhaps had more time….

And that’s my life!