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Thanks A Lot Sue.

I’m really fucking pissed right now… (In otherwords, this might not make any sense)

Well it appears I won’t be going to EWR or LAX now, thanks a lot Sue.

There’s no way I’m spending $1300 just to fly out there and back. No fucking way.

You know, if she would have just sat down and been cooperative about it all, unless throwing a huge fit everytime Andrew brought it up, we could have easily gotten there by taking Continental instead of going through United. Same airports, only it was NONSTOP from EWR to LAX. You know, much easier, and MUCH cheaper… But no, she couldn’t do that…

Thanks A Lot Sue.

I just want to fucking cry right now. I’ve really been looking forward to this.

I never should have got my hopes up so high for the trip, I knew that something like this would happen.

And that’s my life.

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