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Climbing, not attachement

Wow.. What an amazing weekend of climbing… I came here to climb, see old friends and meet some new ones.. Never thought that I would get attached to someone so quickly.

I worked only two days last week, thanks for that you crazy holidays! 🙂 Flew into West Virginia on Wed evening and met these two random people at the airport, Chris (female) and David… Along with Todd, Mark and Dane. We rented the car and headed off.

Got to the city and went out to dinner at this place that was owned by a rock climber. Had some great food then went to the Hostel/camp grounds. Met up with everyone, setup tents, etc. Just socialized that evening. It was great seeing everyone!

Thursday was our first big day of climbing. Met up with everyone at the pavilion at 9am and then headed off to this area called Summersville. It was a great area! The hike was awesome, beautiful area, etc. It’s all right on a lake out there. You can just unclip, turn around and jump in the lake. I did some nice 5.10a’s there, some 5.9s, etc. Everything seemed WAY harder then it should be. I think it was just the heat and humidity. It was so hard to breathe there some of the day. I spent most of the day climbing with and staring at from a distance this guy David.. He had such a beautiful smile, nice eyes, was a nice person. We chatted for a while and he’s also smart. 🙂 Mechanical Engineer. Cute! Towards the end of the day we headed down to this area called the colosseum where Mike and Conner did a 5.13a! So impressive.

Left from there and we all went out to dinner at this place called Pies and Pints. David sat at the same across from me. There was this guy Taylor sitting next to me and I off handily mentioned how cute he was. Taylor JUMPED up and went over to him and told him right away. He looked back and apparently told Taylor that yes he was interested in me too. But his next words were, “but we live so far away from each other”. So we spent the rest of the evening at the table just looking back and forth at each other, sending smiles, etc. It was so cute!

Out of there about 10pm and I was exhausted so I just went to bed…

Friday morning I woke up early and showered, went to the hostel to hang out and wait for the people to get ready. Left there and went to Kaymoor. It was another great area, lots of fun, harder climbs. I started my day on a 5.10b, did some other climbs, hung out more with David and Chris and attempted a 5.10d. Pretty good fun! It was another beautiful area. That day was a little strange, I was around David and Chris almost all day, chatting with them and what not, but he wasn’t being very talkative at all. I thought I had ruined my chances by not going up to him at the pizza place.

That evening we all did our own thing for dinner, we went and got gumbo. I chatted with Taylor, Gavin, Alex and Dane there. That evening we went back to camp and hung out at the pavilion. David was there, I was chatting with Leo. Eventually moved over next to him and started chatting some more. Then Rio showed up with pot and I went outside to smoke with them. I told David as I left to come outside and chat with us, but he just left!

Saturday we got up, it was POURING rain so we all just hung out for a while at the hostel, went to breakfast at this place called “The Cathedral”, which was an old church converted into a place to eat. After that we all met up and went back to Summersville. Again more of the same, it was an “off” day so I only did 3-4 climbs, all 5.9 and below. Did one lead. Again hung out mostly with David and Chris…. Headed down to the colosseum to watch them climb some more awesome crap! Did some swimming in the lake, made faces at David, etc.

I didn’t want to make any moves. I came here to climb, not to get attached to someone. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we just spent SO MUCH time together in such a short time or what, but he’s such a nice guy. I haven’t really felt this way for someone in a very long time….

We went out to this rib place for dinner that night. David came with us. He and I sat together with Dane and it was a good little chat for the evening.

Got back to camp and again went to the pavilion. Drank some beer, talked with him some. Went back to my camp ground and sat at my bivy and talked. I dropped a few hints about him inviting me back to just cuddle but he didn’t catch on or just didn’t want to. Anyways he said goodnight and gave me a really big tight hug. I didn’t know how to feel about that at the time. crawled in my bivy and tried to think. I couldn’t, got up to go look for him. But couldn’t find him. Just wanted to talk to him more, give him another hug, hold him some. Ugh.

Did not sleep worth shit that night.

Sunday I got up again and we were all going to a breakfast at this place in town. Met up with my gang and headed in. We got a table and a couple minutes later David showed up. He was just down the table on the oposite side, we kept looking at each other and smiling.

Left there and we were going to go to this place called Bubba City. Got there, did this HORRENDOUS hike in only to find out the rock was wet! Did more hiking, bushwhacking, etc. I stuck towards the back with David and Chris the whole time. This was the WORST hike I have ever been on. I hated it, but yet, so much fun! It took us about 2 hours to get back to the car after finding out that the rock was wet. I drove David and Chris back to the camp ground. Chris wanted to nap, so David, Dane and I went off and did our own thing.

There’s this HUGE bridge here in WV so we drove down under that, got pulled over, ate ice cream, went to wal-mart, dane flew in a bi-plane. Good times. I really enjoyed the time that Dane was gone so that David and I could chat. We all went to dinner that night to Pies and Pints again. It was great. David ordered wine…. He knows WINE! WTF! Extra points for him there.

Headed back to the camp ground after that and he and I just sat at the table, talking, drinking beers, etc. Around midnight we decided it was time to go to bed and I asked if I could sleep in his tent and cuddle.. He flat out said “No”. But then he said, there’s a lot of stars lets go look at them. So we went out and looked at them. I grabbed him and hugged him and started trying to kiss him. He didn’t really seem very receptive of it. Ugh he’s so hard to read. I asked a few more times about the whole sleeping in his tent and he just said no. WTF! Crazy boy!

So this morning we got up and it was raining this morning. Packed up my tent and headed over to the hostel. I ran into David and told him we’d be there. Got over there and we headed out to eat right away. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to see him again….

We got back from breakfast and he was gone already. FUck! So we putzed around town ate lunch, I was ready to never see him again. We left to head to the airport. He said his flight was boarding at 3:30pm… We got here just in time to say hello for like 15-20 minutes, say goodbye and then off he went… I was so happy.

The whole drive up to the airport, I just sad. Got here and saw him and was just instantly happy again. Attached.

So yeah. That was the weekend… In a nutshell. AMAZING! Awesome climbers, awesome people, awesome place! I am so sad to be leaving. The weekend went by so fast.

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