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Boyfriend! UGH!

Ugh. So a weekend update, that’s pretty unusual for me! It’s been a bit of an emotional week.

Claudia leaves tomorrow for school. It’s really sad. We went climbing today and it was so great to see everyone again. I hope that her and Ally leaving is not the beginning of our group coming apart and moving on. It was sad to think that she won’t be here every weekend to go out with and what not.

Victor: Ugh, he’s so cute, funny, smart. But I just can’t gauge him. I’d like to go out on a few dates with him, but this past week I tried to hang out with him a few times and he’s just too busy. Hung out with him today, was under the impression that it’d be me and him, but Eric was there. Not that I have anything against eric, but I just really wanted to have some time with just me and Victor again to talk about whatever there is. I’m going to read into it that he’s not into me then. If he was, he would have made time. Plus last night I tried to hang out with him, said he’d call me after work at 6pm and I never heard from him. Whatever.

John: I still have hopes for him, but things are slowly going down hill. I haven’t heard from him much, I’m sure he’s really busy, but still. He’s an amazing person, but he fucking lives in MONTANA!

There’s a new guy, Michael, he’s super cute, but again… LIVE IN PHOEnIX! Ugh.

Anyways, today climbing was fun, Deb and Jim came and brought this straight guy Austin. He was nice. Yesterday we climbed at Tick rock. I am never going back there. Climbed the pervious two days in the gym. Met some really cute straight boys. Good times

I really need a real climbing partner here in LA. Everyone that comes to the group any more are still beginners and what not. I need real trad climbers. Woo would be perfect, but he’s fucking married and unreliable. Ugh.

Bronco was supposed to be here today. William didn’t paint it soon enough. I’m not looking forward to seeing the quality of work he’s done. It sounds like he just painted OVER what was already there. That’s not what I wanted.

I just want a fucking boyfriend. I’m so fucking sick of being single, working constantly, and not really whatever. You know. UGH!

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