Week in Mexico and No more Chris Rock!

So last week I was in Mexico again.

What a mess, I got to the airport and checked in. Was waiting for my flight and realized I forgot my passport! So I had to run home quickly, get my passport and then go back to the airport, check in again and get flight changed. What a mess. Then come to find out Southwest got a HUGE fine that same morning for aircraft repair problems. Anyways, got to Tuscon and met Martin. The 4 hour drive to Caborca was very AWK because Martin didn’t speak hardly any english!

Got to Caborca and met up with one of the sheds. Spent 2 hours there the first night and then went to the place to eat. Got back to the office and crashed pretty quickly.

The next morning we got up and went to eat breakfast, came back to the office and was packing up when I dropped my laptop. Broke the backlight on it and the external monitor port! So was without a laptop from then on! Oh shit! Spent the whole day at sheds, etc. It was a very very busy couple days. Didn’t get home until late each day. The final day I was there we got done kinda early. Martin dropped me off at the office and said he’d be back later, much confusion followed because I had no idea what was going on for sure. Anyways, I walked to the store and bought dinner. Martin did end up coming back like 2 hours later!

Friday we got up early and drove back to Tuscon and I got an earlier flight which was no big deal. Got back to LA and went home to play with the new computer.

Saturday I went shopping with Jason and then was at home for a little bit, then out to see a play that Dan was in. It was called “The Painting”. OMG the other guy, Lorenzo, was HOT. Holy hell. Sadly also straight and only 18! LOL The play itself was good, up until the second half when they threw in these HORRIBLE HORRIBLE story plots, suddently Dan’s person is a mean bitch, gay and a killer! FREAKING redic!

Went out with all of them after the play and had a good time.

Sunday I got up and went climbing… We had a great group and did tons of climbing. At one point Jerry gathered a bunch of people up to watch me do my new climb. I was making the move to almost make it over the toughest part and all of a sudden the WHOLE WALL comes off in my hands! A chunk the size of me and probably weighting about as much as a car just ripped right off the wall! Scary as hell! So we ended up naming the now non-existent climb “Chris Rock”, So “Chris rock, chris browned my ass!” lol.

I was pretty well cut up after that and we all know how much I HATE blood, so I was pretty light headed and what not. Went out to lunch after that and then we all went to Azusa to go hiking. Started on the Bridge to Nowhere hike and found that it would be WAY to dangerous to do in the dark on the way back. So we did another hike, which was alright. After that we all went out to a Mexican place in Azusa and had dinner.

Came home after that and basically crashed in bed.

I tried very very hard this weekend to get Matthew to come out with me, the subject of my crush lately. Sadly he rejected me again, so I think it’s time to give up and move on from him. 🙁

Anyways, this week I am going to a concert on Thursday and then perhaps a birthday party on Saturday and then rock climbing and shooting on Sunday! Woot.

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