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So I’ve been in Mexico for three days now. I am so frustrated with these people. I don’t see how anything gets done!

Last year I shipped a pallet worth of computers (about $12,000) down here. It’s missing…

A few other sheds are “missing” other things. WTF. Where does this shit disappear too. My driver and translator are driving me nuts. The translator is super hot but he doesn’t know enough english to be effective. So I have to use my iPhone translator app to translate to him. Ugh! Plus they tell me the same fucking thing like 5 times. Yes I ALREADY KNOW that we are going back to Caborca and that we are doing Paulino tomorrow. THANKS! Also when I say “Officina Porfavor” I mean I want to go to the fucking OFFICE! Not the fucking hotel. (which is where I am currently and NOT where I want to be)

In other news, things are actually going smoother then expected. That’s good news. But then we haven’t started USING the system yet. This is all just pre-setup. I’m sure once we start with training things will go downhill. One place we setup yesterday. I got a call today that nothing was working. We go back there tonight and they had unplugged EVERYTHING and tried to set it up again themselves. WTF was the point of me even going if they were going to do that. And they didn’t even plug a SINGLE network cable back into the right place.

In other news… I’m kind of reluctant to write this cause I know he reads my blog, but at the same time I know I want to write it for myself when I’m 80 and going crazy.

Anyways. last time we were in bishop Gavin made a deal with ECH that he had to call two people and ask them out on dates… I kind of had a feeling I’d be one of them and I was… Which I was happy about.

I hated and I mean HATED ECH when I first met him… I never really had a reason he was always nice, everyone else loved him, but I just had a grudge or something against him. Sophia and I had many many talks about it and I could never really figure it out, she kept saying give it a change, maybe you’ll end up going out… Over the last couple months we’ve been spending a lot of time together, he’s been slowly growing on me. About a month ago I texted SOphia after one of our climbing trips that ECH was on and I said something like. “ECH is really growing on me.”… A couple days later I txted her again. “I kinda wanna just call ECH and chat.”.

So anyways. He did ask me out. We went out last friday night. Dinner, Movie, walked through christmas lights and then he spent the night. I had a really enjoyable time. I’m a little hesitant and def wanna move along slowly though. I don’t wanna f-up the climbing vibe/group and plus.. It’s ECH! lol

Looking forward to the next date!

Headed back to Tuscon tomorrow and then LA on Friday. Can’t wait to get a few days at home!

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