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In Iowa

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated and so much has happened that I don’t even remember!

Got back from Mexico and EC and I went to the Wi Spa. It was very interesting. Lots of naked asians! There were only a few hot ones there. 🙁 We did the whole mens spa section hot tub, showers, I shaved, etc. We got an accupressure massage. I thought I was gonna cry. And we went to the desert in the 213 degree hot room! HOT! The next day my shoulders were KILLING me! It felt like I had done a crazy hard work out!

Went back to his place that night and spent the evening. Up early the next day and went home to work. I had a huge meeting on Tuesday morning that I needed to work on the presentation for.

I can’t remember what I did that night. Sunday I got up and did some stuff around the house and then went climbing with the gang. EC and I hung out after that and he spent the night? I think. I told you! I can’t remember these things. He says I need to start doing puzzles or my mind will go to mush.

Monday was a 13 hour day at work. Switched from Speakeasy to XO. Had a meeting with Trent, bitched about Julio, etc. Typical work day.

Tuesday was an alllll day meeting about Caborca. I did my presentation and got approval for the $5,000 to do a demo hardware unit. I’ve been having fun buying all that stuff today/yesterday. I hate that sales people are all basically checked out for the holiday! Ugh.

Tuesday night EC spent the night for sure! He came over late and let himself in. I don’t even remember him getting there but I remember all the heat he produced! lol. He drove me to the airport Wed morning. So nice of him!

Nikki from OC was on the flight, we chatted before boarding. I tried to save the seat next to me but someone else got it! 🙁 I dunno where she went too when we landed.

Mother picked me up at the airport. She drives so horrible! I remember when she taught me to drive she was a crazy ass driver. Now she’s like a 100 year old asian woman! Ugh I can’t stand having to ride with her.

Went climbing yesterday with Christy from St Loius. That was fun. She kicked my ass! Also climb Iowa is a bunch of nazi employees! Drove down to my grandma’s house after that and hung out for the evening. I fell asleep by 9pm! I really think someone is wrong with me. I’ve been so tired and unmotivated, plus I’ve been getting these really killer pains in my side sometimes I feel like they are minor heart attacks based on the pain! I dunno if I’m just depressed or if there’s something physically wrong. Ugh. Maybe I have cancer! lol.

Been emailing EC. It’s like the days of jason and I emailing back and forth all the time. He said “when you get back I’m going to ask you to go steady”. Made me think. I don’t really know him as well as I should considering how much we’ve hung out. Need to work on that. I was gonna try via email, but he was being slightly evasive. He’s a very nice guy. It’s weird how not my normal type he is though. lol

It’s christmas eve and I can’t get away from the idiots at the office. I need a new job!

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