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Red Rocks New Years!

So. We’re back from red rocks. I sucked at climbing. But I did do my first outdoor 5.11a! I clearly sucked at it. But it was done!

The trip was great overall. I got a little annoyed with someone at the end of the trip. He kept being Mr know it all. Which I hate. BTW. Ford did outsell Toyota by 200,000 units last year (2010).

We met up with Jay and Luke on day one. It was freaking cold. Climbed at Pantie wall did some stuff. I think I only did one climb that day. Went out for dinner that night somewhere. Was that new years? I can’t recall. Anyways. Day two and three we did the Gallery and the area up around the corner. It started to snow on the last day.

Not much to really say about the trip. It was another trip! Good times. It was great to see Tony again.

Back at work and things were crazy yesterday. I’m getting today off to a slow start. The HC West hotel has been resolved. So that’s good. Need to book it.

Going to Mexico on Saturday and then back in town for a few days then off to Austin! I suck at working in my office this time of year.

I’m out!

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