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I’m sick… Back from Caborca. It was a really long week. It went fairly well but of course there were the headaches.

One shed we walk in and he says that our system is shit and he doesn’t want to use it. I tell him the minimum requirements and then say let’s go. He gets all pissy about it and tries arguing with me that I’m mad AT him. Which I’m not mad at him I was just frustrated and ready to go. Apparently he was mad at the company as a whole because of something else and he was taking it out on me. Either way because of that I had to go back the next day and waste another few hours holding his hand.

A couple sheds didn’t have their hardware yet. All the people in LA’s fault. I handed them a pallet of over $20,000 worth of hardware. You’d think that they would track it a little better. Apparently it got to El Centro and then never crossed the border. So we had to waste time tracking those down and looking for them, etc.

Another couple sheds after we were there they called us back saying nothing works. We go back to the sheds and it’s because THEY had unplugged shit that we had told them NOT to touch! Ugh.

I got really annoyed with the two guys we were traveling with. First on Monday I saw them at 5pm at one of the sheds. Told them we were headed back to town and to call us to let us know what the plan was for dinner. Never heard from them. They told us breakfast was at 7am. They never showed up. Told us breakfast was at 7:30 one day. They didn’t show up till 8:30. Told us they had a meeting with a buyer. Found out they went to dinner with the rest of the caborca crew and left us to get our own dinner. Just the lack of communication was really frustrating. Plus one of them got me SICK! Ugh.

I’m so glad to be back in the USA and can’t wait to get back to LA. I really need to focus on getting skinny again. I’ve put on so much weight and I feel like shit in general.

We’re watching some fishing show right now..

Things with ECH are going good. The gang is finding out slowly. We’re “steady”. I’m excited to get back home and see him. He’s such an interesting boy. Still so much to find out about him.

I’m not sure if I can go to Austin now. Huge issues in LA while I was gone. The USDA came in and shut own our warehouse completely. Will have to see what happens when I get back on Monday. I hear that we are already back open which kind of sucks because it would have been a great way to get things out of GLC’s hands and show our CEO how an outside warehouse could really get things going better.

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