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What a fun birthday! I got back last week from MX and was sick. I had thought about cancelling this trip because of it, but I felt OK enough to go. So I went. Flew out here Wed night and hung out with Kelly and Rio. Had a great time.

Thursday was kind of lame, people arriving, the weather sucked, I felt like shit. We went shooting that day and had a good time doing that. But only did it for about an hour or so. I think the guy totally ripped us off though. It was like $110 for us! Redic!

We ate a lot this weekend. Omg ate so much food! Thursday night we went to this tiny little taco stand. It was great. Went back to Kelly’s house and then went out to the bars. The places were all empty that night but it was still fun. We went to this place called Oil Can Harrys and then some smaller beer tasting place and then off to RAIN. All were fun places. So that was good.

Got home late and crashed in bed. I shared with Rio which was good because there was no sexual tension there and we are all just friends and what not, no attempted awk cuddling, etc. Glad I didn’t get stuck with one of the other homos.

Friday was amazing. Perfect weather, great day. We all god up a little late and got a late start but headed out to the crag. I can’t remember the name of the place. It was Rimers’ State park. Small climbing area but really nice. Reminded me of Iowa in fall. I only did three climbs that day. One 5.10a and attempted two 5.10d’s. I was pretty freaking tired, sore, and couldn’t breathe worth shit. The climbs here are all crazy though. The hardest part is getting off the ground and they are all really short.

Awesome fun times though!

Left the crag at sundown and went to this small town for BBQ at “Black’s BBQ”. Yum yum yum! We all ate so freaking much food that day!

Everyone else went out that night but I was exhausted so I just went to bed.

Saturday we got up and went back to Rimers. Hit up a different wall this time with TONS of climbs on it. When we pulled up to the parking spot I got out of the car and everyone yelled “Happy birthday”! It was so much fun. 🙂 They also got me some balloons and cupcakes!

I attempted a 5.10a and a 5.10c that day. I failed at both of them. The 5.10a had a horrible side pull on it that killed my shoulder.

It was still a great day of climbing hanging out and laying around in the hammock. The crazy boys also worked on this insane roof climb. 5.12’s/5.13’s. It was really awesome. You stood on this ledge and made a HUGE jump out to the first hold. So neat! I wish I could do that.

That night we ate dinner at a burger place then headed back to the house. I took a quick nap. From there we went to a nice little cafe/bar downtown.

Downtown austin is really cool. Lots of great little bars, live music, etc. Really really cute! I got a great glass of wine there, some food, dessert, etc. From there we went to Oil can’s again and hung out for the rest of the night. Dancing, etc.

I think that roger has a little crush on me now. He started texting me these little things after dinner that night. He sat right next to me at dinner, etc. His attitude changed. That night he kept trying to get me to come back and sleep at their house. Wasn’t being direct about it but everyone noticed and said something before even I did! Ugh. Boys!

Speaking of crushes. David was there. It was so strange seeing him again now that I have a bf! I’m not sure if it’s just my change in feelings or what. But he’s gotten FAT! OMG. It was good seeing him again and we all laughed and had a good time. But def over that.

Sunday we woke up early and all went out to breakfast. I got this honey glazed ham omlet thing. Sounded delicious. I love honey glazed ham. But it was WAY more honey then I expected. I couldn’t even eat it.

Hung out the rest of the day, watched some climbing porn, went shopping at this really cute part of town, etc. Got on the plane and flew home no problems.

Landed here in LAX and got a message from ECH saying he was going to be late. I was a little annoyed because I was looking forward to seeing him when I got home and not having to deal with cooking.

So I drive home, get groceries to cook some tacos and then drive home. Walk up to my door and see my light turned on and I was like, “WTF did I leave that on all weekend”. Open my door and there’s Eric, Brian, Matt and Daniel for my birthday! How cute and fun!

They had made spaghetti and decorated my apartment! It was so nice of them! 🙂 We played apples to apples, drank champagne and hung out. So sweet of ECH to even plan that!

The last two days I’ve been working from home. I have no energy to go to that fucking office. I hate my job so much. These people are such fucking idiots.

I have a plumber here now. He parked in my driveway about 45 minutes ago and has been sitting out there honking his horn off and on for a while. I’ve been ignoring him. Then some guy comes out and the plumber asks him “Are you number 3”. He says no and walks away.

Then the plumber honks his horn some more. If you are THERE for a certain apartment, why not fucking KNOCK on the door! People.

I’m out!

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