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Trad Climbing!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been good.

Let’s see. Got back from Austin, was sick for a while. Still trying to get over it. I went to the doctor and he said that my job and all the traveling has been taking a toll on me and I need to slow down and take it easier. Getting old sucks!

Had some work meetings. Had to drive to Fresno to see this PTI implementation. It sucked. No one in this game has the idea down right yet. I’d really like to start my own business in this part of the industry but it’s kind of late in the game and hard to get into at this point. There are already three big companies and a few smaller ones. But like I said none of them have any idea how a pack shed environment really truly works. Anyways. Complete waste of a day driving up to Fresno!

Had my MRI appt. It was very exhausting! 2ish hours in the machine which was pretty scary. When she first put me in I freaked out a little bit. It was so confining and constricting. The top of the tube is about 4″ from your face and that’s all you can see. I’m not sure how bigger (fatter) people can even fit in there! My shoulders were pressed up against both sides of the machine! It also makes lots of crazy scary sounds and what not. Anyways. I actually kind of slept through some of it.

They pulled me out half way through and stuck a huge needle in my shoulder and injected some iodine! I couldn’t look at all. The DR was so nonchalant about it though it was kind of funny. The nurse prepped everything. The DR walked in, introduced himself and then just shoved the needle in! No warning or explanation or anything!

I go in today to get the MRI “read” so hopefully they will find out whatever is wrong with my shoulder. I looked at it and it’s not exactly what I was expecting! I was thinking it’d be more color and what not but it’s just like a layerd X-ray.

Huge issues in MX regarding the audits and I almost had to fly down there. On the way back from Fresno we stopped and had Prime Rib with one of our VP’s in Bakersfield and there was heated debate about who should be going back down there. Thankfully the VP ended up going down to help straighten things out. So that was great. I really didn’t want to go back down there so soon.

On the 28th I had a meeting with some VP’s at MS. We got nearly $100k in cash out of them! Amazing. All that time on the phone and documentation and what not really paid off. Now we are going to try and get another $200k out of our old contractors and then we can finally move forward with one of my bigger projects! Yay. I’ll be so happy when that starts rolling again. Only about 6 months behind schedule at this point!

That weekend I was going to take the bronco down to Sirin’s house. I got in it Saturday morning and started driving. No brakes and there was this weird clunking sound coming from the front wheel. Took it up to the mechanic and found out that the entire front bearing was trashed. Which then trashed EVERYTHING holding the entire front wheel onto the truck. Nearly $700 in parts. I’m scared to even find out how much it will cost to have all that installed! It should be here today so that I can take it to the mechanic!

After that EC and I went apartment hunting. Found one place that was decent but I’m not sure I really want to move into a big apartment complex. After talking it over for the next week or so I was almost ready to just go in and sign the papers, but then I read some reviews online and it was scary. So I don’t think that place will be any good now. I think we’re going to try and go looking for more apartments this weekend. I do really want to move, but I’d like to save MORE money by saving then what I will. The place we looked at I’d save about $400/month.

I think that we did something that night, but I can’t remember.

The next day we went to disneyland. It started out kind of rough. Well first we went to Huntington beach so that Matt and EC could do a show thing. That part was funny. I kind of just hung back and played Angry birds but it was still fun to watch and lots of crazy funny people there so it was a good time. I had to walk around the apartment complex with this crazy woman. I don’t think she is capable of silence. Drove to disney and it was raining. I really wasn’t expecting to go into disney with all the rain but we went anyways. I was pretty annoyed for a while but it ended up being a really fun day. I was mostly annoyed that we were just running between rides instead of enjoying the park and walking around having fun, etc.

Sophia met up with us that evening for dinner. We went to ESPN Zone and the food/service sucked. I wanted to yell at them!

This past week has been pretty interesting/lame. I ran at the gym 3 days of the week. That was pretty good! Went climbing twice and I think I climbed pretty hard those two days.

Hung out with Avrom one night. He’s a crazy little boy. He’s been going boy crazy lately and hooking up so much! I guess that’s what happens when you first come out. We watched this movie “Coma” which was pretty good and then I kicked him out by like 7:30.

Nothing really exciting happened at work. I was actually kind of bored last week and had time to do a lot of stuff that I’ve been putting off and stuff that Matt just never did. Most of which I don’t see WHY he never got it done. One of the tasks I gave him only took me 3 hours to complete. Another task took me a whole day, but it wasn’t that hard!

Sophia came in and worked on Friday. It was good having her back.

Thursday EC and I went out on a singles date. It was cute and good. I had a nice time. On tuesday at climbing he basically announced to the group that he had hooked up with this guy nolan and on Facebook someone posted something about “getting your mack on in my hot tub”. Both comments kind of annoyed me. I don’t really like knowing about past experiences/hookups.

On Friday Matt, EC and I went out to this place called Xino in the Santa Monica Place. The food was pretty good but also kind of generic. The service wasn’t the greatest either cause the guy was really slow at getting our food and stuff out. From there we all went up and saw EC’s improv show. Really funny stuff.

Drove out to Joshua tree from there. We got there and had to pick leigh up from off the side of the street. All the boys were out partying it up. We crashed in bed and then they all came home drunk and made tons of noise. BTW. We had to sleep in the living room on a blow up bed. Ugh.

The gays didn’t want to get out of bed before noon. Redic. EC and I left early Saturday and met up with the guide Markus. Had a great time with him and learned a lot. It was great to know that my placements are still pretty solid.

We got back to the apartment at 6:30. We were locked out and eMac had given Matt the wrong code to get in. Ugh. So we sat around the hot tub for a while. Finally we got the right code, got in and were going to go eat. Then Leigh got a guilt trip so we had to sit around and wait for the rest of them to get back . By the time we got to the restaurant it was nearly 9pm and I was so freaking hungry and grumpy!

Our waiter was super super gay! He kept coming to our table and just flirting with EVERYONE! He sucked at getting us what we needed and I had ordered an Ice Tea. Never got it. When the bill came it was on there. I told him about he and he went on this thing about “well you should have told me” blah blah blah. I shouldn’t have to remind you to do your fucking job. He also completely forgot one person’s food. When I told him about the ice tea he said “What do you want me to do.” I rudely said “FIX IT!”. lol. Ugh. I hated that he also added in 20% tip for himself. Fucker.

Got back to the condo and the boys went out partying again. We crashed in bed. Got up Sunday and drove out to J-Tree, ate breakfast with everyone then climbed for the day. Again lots of trad lessons, TR setting instructions, etc. Good stuff. I’m not sure it was really worth ALL the money, but it was def nice class. At the end of the day we set two TR’s and the rest of the boys joined us.

And by rest of the boys I mean Matt, Leigh and Brain. Of the 10 people that were there, only 5 of them ever came out climbing. Ugh. Stupid gays.

We all drove home that night and I went over to EC’s. We haven’t really been sexual in nearly 2 weeks and I was getting a little frustrated. I’ve been trying to do things, kiss him, etc but he always rejects it. Which hurts. So I tried making some moves and when I wanted to finish in bed he had some lame excuse of him not wanting to get his sheets dirty. That pretty much pissed me off and I was just gonna go home. We talked about it and he had this cute little puppy face which I just couldn’t be mad at. But it’s still been a bit of a frustrating couple weeks with these two issues and hopefully we can work them out. I don’t like having to schedule time to have sex with him though.

In good news though on that line I think everything else is going pretty well. We seem to always have fun together, he’s been super sweet about everything and I love hose cuddly he is all the other times. We’re just in that phase of getting to know what each other likes and there is bound to be some issues that need to be worked out.

Ok. Long post over. I’m out!

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