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Skiing, Climbing, Wii!

Things have been busy. I’ve got a new apartment. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated.

Honestly, not a lot has happened.

A couple weeks ago the boss brought in these IT Auditors. They sucked. They didn’t even know what Asterisk or Centos was! Ugh. Although it was really interesting to see how screwed up Julio’s IT stuff was. They came back just a few days ago with their “Report”. It was all stuff that we already KNEW! And for being IT people they sure don’t know how to spell or type.

So the weekend after Joshua tree I spent in LA looking at apartments. Found these two cute ones but I didn’t get them cause I was too slow. It’s amazing how fast even crappy apartments go! The next day we all went to Stoney and did a great day of climbing. It was lots of fun. That night we went to this party that was being hosted by someone from ECH’s poker group. I got PISSED there. We walk in and he introduces me to Ron, someone who he’s gone to a few movies with and seen at poker and talks to all the time on facebook. He introduces me as his BF. Ron had no idea. Most of the other poker people had no idea either! I was pissed. We’ve been dating for nearly 2 months and people still don’t know. People he seems quite a bit and talks to on facebook. WTF.

That week not a lot happened. Valentines day he came over and I cooked a big dinner and got him like 30 roses. He didn’t seem to really care or being impressed which hurt a little bit. Tuesday was hangar, Wed we had a laundry party @ matt’s. He cooked dinner and what not.

Thursday we went out and saw this movie called “I am number four”. It was alright. We were talking at the movie and I mentioned how nice matt seemed to be lately. He went on to say something about why do I always dwell on the negative, etc.

Friday we went to hangar, Saturday night we all went to Matt’s house and had a Wii Party. It was fun. Until about 1am when they had been attempting the same level over and over again for over an hour. Sunday we all went out to the IE and at Dim Sum (not my favorite), climbing in Upland where the staff was very friendly and then Thai food. It was a fun/expensive day. We finally beat Super Mario on the Wii sunday night.

Monday ECH and I went skiing. I’ve never been a huge fan of skiing, but decided to go and give it another shot. I still hate it.

It was a fun day though. We only did like 4 runs down the hill. lol. Came home and we spent the night at my place. I got a flat tire. Two nails in two tires. Ugh. Got two free tires thanks to America’s Tire’s Warranty! Yay!

I’m glad that ECH stays busy but he needs to start realizing that he has a bf now and he can’t just go off and do stuff and not take into account spending time with me. Yes we do spend nearly every night together, but we just sleep. We’re back into the whole no sex in at least a week thing, we hardly have any real time together to go out and enjoy each other. It’s always with other people. It also is a little annoying that he’s constantly going to things and not inviting me or inviting me last minute. He doesn’t discuss with me what’s going on. He’s being very selfish in it all.

This weekend should be fun. Tonight we ARE doing a date night which is nice. I’m sure we probably still won’t have sex though.

Saturday I am going to go home and then do a little furniture shopping then we’re all going to climb somewhere and then Game night with daniel’s friends. Sunday I guess I’ve been invited to go house hunting with ECH. He also has some party that night, but has yet to invite me. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

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