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Move, Garage Sale

So I moved about a week ago.

It’s been good so far. The place is coming along. So far I’ve only got one piece of furniture delivered. It looks good though.

The move went really smoothly. Leigh, Daniel and Brian all came to help. We got everything packed up in about an hour, then it took just over an hour to unpack everything. Great times. We had to hoist my paintings up over the balcony though cause they were too big to fit through the doors/hallway. lol.

Took everyone out to lunch after.

Not a lot has happened since then. Went climbing with ECH one night, hung out at home a lot this week. I can’t wait to get my new couch. Laying on the crash pad is so painful!

I’ve been getting these splitting headaches a lot lately and my eyes have been very sensitive to light. I dunno what’s wrong with me and I don’t really want to go back to the doctor again. I always seem to have to go and he always says nothing is wrong with me. Ugh.

Yesterday I basically spent the whole day sleeping in my office. Sophia had mono. I hope I didn’t get it from her somehow!

ECH was sick last week too, maybe I caught some of that but this has been going on since december in Iowa!

I’m heading to washington and atlanta in the next month. Should be fun!

Ok. Not much else to report so I’m out.

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