Author: Cj B

  • Feb 24, 2001

    Weekends really suck. they are so fucking boring, specially round here, yucky. it’s been raining all morning and now it’s snowing, they are saying like 5-12 inches before monday, damnit, one week before “sring” break and it’s still snowing, i remember a couple years ago we already had the pool up and running by spring […]

  • Feb 22, 2001

    Government teachers are stupid. so we had this government test, right. and one of the questions was “Explain the concepts behind our federal system of government. Identify at least three of the specific powers given to each government orginization and shared by them. Explain why the founding fathers delegated teh power to each” now how […]

  • Feb 21, 2001

    my econ professor is totaly nuts. we had a test today in econ, yeah. and he would like ask the same question five times. it was so messed up, but it was pretty easy, i think i did good on it. i hope i did good on it. it’s snowing again here too. damnit snow […]

  • Feb 20, 2001

    So yeah, i’ve been gone all weekend, it was so cool. hehe. but right now i’m soooooooo out of it. i bout fell asleep in my accounting class and then the professor gave me an extra problem “so i wouldn’t get bored” i was like, damnit. i’m like out of the world i can’t do […]

  • Feb 15, 2001

    People are stupid. just so we’re all clear on that. i think the drinking age should be lowered to 16. yeah, people today, they are drinking anyhow, so why not make it legal. they would have more control over it then, and people wouldn’t be out having keggers and the like. and kids social liveswould […]