My Life

Sept 10, 2001

Sept 10, [Sublime, "What I Got"]

The Guy:

We’ve all seen him,

The sun bather by the pool

The guy on the beach

The athlete in the gym.

Walking proudly with the prowess of a lion.

Chest high, shoulders wide and his body trim.

Each step sending shockwaves through his body.

Tall, but gracefull

He embodies more than what you could ever want.

Is he gay? A guy that attractive maybe.

Since you don’t even know his name you’ll probably never know.

He looks in your direction.

He makes eye contact with you for a few seconds.

Suddenly all the fantasies you’ve ever had flood back from memory.

Your stomach gitters and your eyes start to tingle.

He brings out all the physical attraction you’ve been harboring since you

were 12

For a breif instant you had a relationship with him.

Now all you see is his back walking away from you.

Another memory to add to your collection.

-Timm S

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