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Sept 9, 2001

Sept 9, [Silverchair, "Black Tangled Heart"]

Hmm, to describe this weekend. Well to say the least, it’s been one of

many experinces. Good and bad. Friday after classes it was pouring down

rain and I had to walk all the way across campus to get to my car, that

sucked ass. I was soaked to the bone. I drove home and just as I walked

in Adam called. So I changed into som dry clothes and then we went over

to his house, we hung out and talked for a while and then we went out. It

had cleared up a bit, so we were going to go downtown and take some pictures

and shit. Well we got down there, went to Java Joe’s and once we got there,

it started pouring down rain again. It sucked. I mean it wasn’t just raining,

but it was fucking pouring. So we waited around in JJ’s for a while, and

we saw Nathen (Spelling’s wrong cause he spells it funky and I don’t care

enough to look it up). Adam said he didn’t think he was very cute, but I

think he’s damn hot. Oh well, so it let up some in the rain so Adam and

I went to the skywalks and we walked around there for a while and took pictures.

We went to 801 Grand and they had all kinds of paintings and shit, and Adam

was walking next to one and all of a sudden this really fucking loud alarm

went off, so we just went away from it. Adam set it off like three more

times though before we left. Then we wanted to go up to the top so we got

in an elevator and hit a button, it wasn’t tell after we hit it that we

saw this thing next to it that said private. Well we went up there anyways

and we get off the elevator and there’s this guy. We asked him something

and he was really rude to us, so we left. I don’t really remember what we

did after that I think we left DM all together and just went out and hung

out. Oh, hehe. Friday was Tara’s b-day and Adam and I took her out to supper

to that night. I almost forgot about that.

Saturday was great times too. Lots happened that day. In the moring Adam

and I went out malling and we just hung out, then he had to go to work at

three, so I went home and hung out there, about 7 I went to Hy-Vee and went

on break with him and Leah, and Andi. After he got off work we went back

to his house cause he had to watch his sister and we just hung out in the

park and played truth or dare, that was amusing as hell. At 11 Leah and

Andi had to leave so Adam and I went back to his house and we just hung

out and talked tell 3 Am this morning.

Today I went over to Adam’s about 12 and we went to DM and took pictures

of stuff. It was fun. Then we went to BN and looked at books and shit. We

got back to his house about 4:30 and found out that Adam was supposed to

work at 3, so I left and he went to work. Now I’m here, doing this instead

of my HW. Oh well. It’ll get done soon enough.

(The rest of this post is private)

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