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Sept 7, 2001

Sept 7, [Filter, Take A Picture"]

Last night was an odd night. I was laying in bed and thinking about alot

of things, and there was so much I wanted to write here about what was going

on in my head and what was going on in my life and such. But now I just

can’t remember any of it. I know it had something to do with Adam, Angie,

Nick, and I. But there were also other things, things about my childhood

and such. Whatever. Maybe I’ll remember it laters. But I realized alot last


Today’s going to be a good day, it’s only 8:00 AM and I’ve popped 2 No-Doz

already. I just felt that I needed them, lol. I get to go home tonight as

well, that’s going to be lots of fun and shit. Cause well I get to see Adam

I’m so excited about that. I miss him so much. I fell as though if I don’t

get home every weekend, I’m going to miss out on so much. But at the same

time I think it’d help for me to not see Adam for a while, that might help

me get over him. But then there’s also the aspect of I WANT TO FUCKING SEE

HIM. lol. I dunno, just being around him makes me so much happier. This

is a great time in my life.

I feel like newborn

and I feel like a newborn

awake on my airplane

awake on my airplane

I feel so real

could you take my picture

cause I won’t remembe

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