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Sept 6, 2001

Sept 6, [Black Crowes, "By Your Side"]

Yay for rain. I love the rain. It symbolizes a fresh start for everything.

And the smell of things after a good rain is always so relaxing. But today

I hope it stops before I have to go to me 6:00 class.

Today at work we got a couple new peices of kit and I was installing Win2K

on them. Well we wanted them to be part of the network, so we had to name

them. Well for those that don’t know, Krell was named after the culture

also named Krell from the move, "Forbidden Planet" so most of

the systems there are named after references to that movie. Well we’ve got

a lot of new kit there, so we’ve run out of names, so today we spent 30

minutes trying to come up with a new scheme to name these two new boxes

by. It was ammusing times.

My math TA can’t spell worth shit, not that I’m all that great either,

but today he wrote the word depriciation on the board and spelled it: Debyciation.

Umm, yeah that’s really close though, lol.

Apperantly I have to bring the van back to my dad this weekend. He called

and said that Andy needed it to do his driving test. I don’t see why he

can’t just use my mom’s truck, but whatever. So I’ll be in town for anyone

that wants to do something. I’m going to have a shit load of HW though.

So Sunday I’m going to come back up here early and get that done. I should

have enough time to get it done. So yeah, if you want to do something with

me this weekend, call me. I’ll be around.

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