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Sept 10, 2001 #2

Sept 10, #2 [Savage Garden, "Affirmation"]

Adam and I had a long discussion today about things. Just things in general.

It was cool to be able to talk to him about stuff. Life’s good in every

way possible right now. (Saved Text)

Not to much is really going on here today. It’s Monday, what do you expect.

In Soc this morning Vero got really pissed at the Prof. I found that amusing.

He was being an ass though, so he deserved it. Oh well. Our English paper

isn’t due tell Friday now which is cool. We have to write an argumentitive

paper about something that’s personal. I’m going to us the letter that I

wrote to my parents when I came out. I think that should do what she wants

this paper to do. So yeah, that’s cool. I have to write an audience evaluation

for it though, so that’s going to suck. Oh well.

I hate my roomie. He’s such a twit. Today he was in here all fucking day

doing his math. And he was using my deck cause well, he stole it. So I had

to find somewhere else to do my HW. Grr. Bastard.

I can’t wait tell Oct. now. I want it to be here. Then after Oct. I just

wish it could be christmas break, and then after that make it be summer.

We can skip the rest of the year. Ok, I’m going to go find some food now,

laters all.

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