Sept 11, 2001

Sept 11, [Enya, "Lazy Days"]

Wow, lots of fucked up emtions going on today. First we’ve got that whole

bombing shit in NY and Washington and other such stuff. Then there’s things

with Adam. I also found out that Adam came-out to his mom. And omg, just

so much fucking shit going on.

At work today I met with that Australian guy, he was funny. I got my budget

approved and then I had to leave cause internet was down to the sites that

I needed to work today. So I got out of there early. That was cool.

Adam and I have alot to talk about right now, with him and his mom and

alot of other things that have been happening lately. Our friendship is

close, but I think there’s a littele turbulance starting. I want to keep

it the way that it is now. I don’t want to turbulance. So I’m going to call

him and talk to him tonight about that. It’ll all work out alright.

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