Author: Cj B

  • March 3, 2001

    march 3. omg, i’m so tired. so i got home last night at 5 or so. went up to my room to put my stuff away, and found that none of my stuff was in *my* room. And there in the middle of *my* room was standing my brother, with all his shit in *my* […]

  • March 1, 2001

    March 1. Professors are stupid. Ok, not all of them are, but most of them are. My American government professor is really stupid. he neglected to tell the class that he was going to be in OK today. and that we weren’t haveing class. so everyone showed up and sat there for the 15 minutes. […]

  • Feb 28, 2001

    So the Boy Scouts. hmmmm, Do i really want to work for them? i don’t know, do i. I talked to the guy from philly today. he said i could work C.O.P.E. which would be REALLY cool. but that would be alot of hard work and such. but it hink it would be fun. i […]

  • Feb 27, 2001

    So Roommates suck, VB sucks, Accouting is cool (only cause they cancelled Class today), Dr. Laura should be shot. the boy scouts are nuts. My parents are annoying. Bennett is nuts. and “group” projects suck. just so we are all clear on that. k, now to explain, it’s 5:17 and my roomie is still fucking […]

  • Feb 26, 2001

    over the last 6 months i have really learned alot about myself, about the world, and about stuff that i have missed all these years of my life. i have missed our on who i am. on what my life is. I’ve been here for 6 monrhts, 6 months. i’ll he here for a total […]