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Sept 12, 2001

Sept 12, [Alanis Morissette, "Uninvited"]

What I Didn’t Want:

When I started junior high I was never really looking to meet someone to

fall in love with. But you know, a little love here and there never hurt

anyone. I remember the first day that I laid eyes on Paul. He was everything

anyone could ever want in a boy. I mean he was sweet and fine as hell and

he was just a genuinely nice guy. Paul and I hit it off immediately and

I wanted him more then anything else in the world, but at the time he was

going out with Charlene, my enemy at the time. Well Paul and I decided that

we should be friends, even though he knew how I felt for him because anyone

who couldn’t tell that was pretty stupid. So we went on and did what normal

friends do, but at the same time when we were kickin’ it or just chillin’

way down deep I had this burning love for him. The best thing about him

is that although he knew how I felt and the fact that I still to this day

call him the love of my life, he never held it against me and we remained

friends until last year when we were in 9th grade. He may only be 15 but

he is the only person I have truly been in love with. I mean sure I have

had plenty of Boyfriends and friends and slept with people but that is nothing

and I would give it all up just to be with him. But what can I do??? I am

happy that he is happy with my best friend and we will continue to be friends

forever, but he will always be my one true love.

-Lexi []

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