Bronco, and Rubio Canyon

Another busy weekend of driving! This weekend started out pretty good, I can’t remember what I did on Friday. Carlos (the painter) and I went to a movie last week sometime. It was fun, he’s a nice guy, but won’t really go anywhere with that.

Saturday I got up early and putzed around the house for a while then headed out to meet with George to look at the Bronco. I was a little disappointed with it, first it’s not the 1976 version he said, it’s a ’77 which means it’s a Bronco II, which is MUCH larger then the Bronco I was hoping for. Second the body has lots of scrapes and dings and stuff. I test drove it and nearly killed someone! lol. I took lots of pics and sent them off to the Cousin for information. So we’ll see what happens.

After that I drove to downtown LA and went to the Museum of Neon Art. It was neat, realy CUTE guy working the front desk. Very small for what I was expecting, after that I walked around downtown LA. It was really pretty after the rain. Got some shots of the Disney Concert hall, the farmers market, and bradbury building.

From there I drove to A16 to buy a new pair of hiking boots. Talked to another REALLY cute guy who was working there, but he was SO NERVOUS! It was almost annoying. But I think that he sold me a good pair of hiking boots. From there I drove up to Sherman Oaks and hung out at the Barnes and Noble to kill time before JoEric’s birthday party.

At 8 I went up to the birthday party and we had a really good time. Lots of jumping around and playing and what not. Very very funny. Left there about 10:30 and went home.

Sunday I got up and rock climbing was canceled so I did some laundry and other stuff around the house. About noon I headed out to meet with JoEric and Ally and we did a nice 3-4 mile hike. It was very wet, but tons of fuN!

Monday Carlos came over again and we watched “Leaving Las Vegas“. I feel asleep.

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