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Best Buy Refuses my $2,000 in cash!

Best BuyI recently was talked into buying a Nikon D90 by a friend, so we set off on a mission to purchase one before my trip to Santa Cruz Island… We went to Best Buy and we were told that they would not price match. Here’s a letter I sent to the BB Executives:

I recently decided that I wanted to purchase a new Nikon D90 camera with 2 lenses, the 18-105VR and 70-300VR. This package alone is $1800 in your store. I was also going to purchase all the associated accessories, filters, bag, tripod, etc. Totaling nearly $2,000. I did my research before entering your store and found that the Camera package at for $1,518.90. I’ve always tried to give my local retailers the chance to assist me with purchases such as this before buying online because I like to support companies which employ people in my area. I set off for my new local best buy at the Plaza El Segundo Store #1011 (740 S Sepulveda Blvd). I spoke to a very nice man, and the store manager, both said they would be willing to price match the online store, however when we went to get the hardware they found that they did not have any in stock. The manager kindly checked the other local stores and found that the store #104 (5000 W 147th St) had one left in stock.

My friend and I drove to that store and spoke to a young asian woman in the electronics department, without looking up or checking, she flatly said that they do not price match online retailers. I asked to talk to the store manager. She called for a manager and shortly a woman who only introduced herself as store manager, missing name tag and refused to give her name. I explained to her that the other store had said they would price match but that they were out of stock and to come here. She again repeated that they do not price match online retailers “because we don’t know if they are in stock there or not”. At this time I pulled out my iPhone and showed her that the online retailer clearly states if an item is in stock or not.

She again repeated that they do not price match online retailers. I asked her, “So what you are telling me is that you do not want my business”. She replied, “No, we do not want your business.”

I again reiterated, “Do you are refusing to accept my $1,600”. She said, “No, we do not want your money.”

At this time I left the store. I do not see how in this time, in this economy your stores cannot be willing to price match from other retailers and competitors, I do not see how you as a business can flat out turn away customers who are willing to spend in excess of $2,000 once you add on the additional accessories.

After this experience, I will highly reconsider EVER shopping at a best buy store again and will continue to support your competitors.

So late yesterday afternoon I received this response from Best Buy:

Dear Mr. Black:

I am writing in regards to your complaint to numerous Executives at Best Buy’s Corporate Offices. The Executives have received your correspondence and referred it to my attention to investigate and respond accordingly.

I’d like to apologize on behalf of Best Buy for the difficulties you encountered regarding this matter, but I appreciate the time you took to voice your concerns to allow the company an opportunity to properly address them. Indeed, Best Buy values this sort of contact as it provides the corporation with important feedback to make decisions regarding its future direction.

I am sorry for the disappointment that surfaced over this situation, for the events that transpired are both rare and unfortunate and not reflective of the optimal experience Best Buy strives to provide. Indeed, I sincerely regret the misinformation you were given by store personnel at the El Segundo location, for it is true that Best Buy does not price match internet-only retailers. You can view the details of the company’s “low price guarantee” on signage posted on store walls or on The policy states that Best Buy will only execute a web-based price match if the online retailer has a local store presence that carries the product in question and honors its own internet prices; this means that online-only competitors such as or Ebay are excluded from the low price guarantee since these types of retailers aren’t responsible for the cost of operating an actual brick and mortar store.

The above explanation notwithstanding, I am concerned with the manner in which an associate at the Hawthorne store addressed your inquiry, for even though she provided you with accurate information concerning internet price-matching, she certainly should not have stated that Best Buy does not wish to retain your business. Please note that I will forward your comments to the appropriate management entities at both the store and corporate levels to look into ways of improving the service provided to all clients. In the meantime, I will send you a $50 gift card as a gesture of goodwill and invitation back to Best Buy for a better experience. You should receive this card in the mail within the next two to three weeks.

Thank you again for allowing me to respond to you on behalf of Best Buy. Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns. I can be reached via email at or through phone at 612-292-0155.

Michael Arrighi
Senior Executive Resolution Specialist
Best Buy Corporate

So I’m glad that I’m getting $50! But I still find it annoying that they are not willing to price match any online retailer. Best Buy has an Online presence and should be able to get the products at the same price, etc. In this time, how can they be saying “No” to your money still!

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To be fair, just because the retailer says that they have it in stock on their website doesn’t really mean that it is or will be by the time that your order is processed for fulfillment. I buy from one retailer where this happens all the time.

That aside, you’d think that in such an economy they’d be willing to work with you on this. Also, flat out saying that they do not want your money is pretty bad. You’re right to be pissed. Also, the refusal to leave a name just breeds contempt. What the hell was this lady thinking? None of her actions own up to showing that she knows how to do her job. Wow.

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