Rachael Raye failed me!

Anyone who knows me should know that I _love_ Rachael Raye. I have her books. I cook her recipes, I watch her TV shows, I think she’s adorable. Well last night, she failed me…

I saw a recent episode of her show where she made “Everything” Chicken Tenders. I said to myself. “Hey those look pretty good”. So I decided to make some last night. I went out and bought chicken and all the other ingredients. About $25 total (mostly because I don’t have any of the needed spices, but that’s another thing!). Anyways. I get home and I start mixing things up.

It says to put in 2 TABLESPOONS of salt! That seems like a HELL of a lot of salt to put in. So I cut it in half! 1 tablespoon, I roll all the chicken in the mix and put it into the oven. It’s cooking and smells soooo good, I can’t wait for it to get done.

It gets done and I take it out, looks good, smells good. I take a bite…

And have to spit it out! It’s GROSS! Rachael has failed me! I try putting some sour cream with it, still gross. I try smothering it in Guacamole. No dice, I try scraping off the spices and covering it in ranch dressing. Still no dice!

I throw it in a pan and sautéed it with a potato (the potato will absorb the salt taste). Well that didn’t help either.

I had to throw it all away. $10 worth of chicken! I was sooo sad. And Rachael has failed me! Hopefully she can redeem herself on the next recipe I have from her. But that will have to wait till Thursday, which is the next day I can afford to go grocery shopping.

In other news… The next 4′ tall Asian bitch in her giant Range Rover SUV that merges into my lane without looking… I’m just going to let her hit me, and then sue the shit out of her. LOOK BEFORE YOU MERGE BITCH!

OG suggested I try Stumbleupon. And I have to say that I am now HOOKED! Love it. I have found so many new interesting things already! And I just can’t stop!

Here’s some examples:

Ok, are you bored yet? LOL.

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One thought on “Rachael Raye failed me!”

  1. ‘d try it, but instead of using 2tbl spoons, I’d try 1 tsp. Cause yeah.. 2 tablespoons of salt.. is.. ew.

    Also, the link after Cooking by Numbers broke the post

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