Ever since Digg went crazy and everyone started copying them, I always wondered why someone didn’t just aggregate all the sites into one. Well Stumble did it again!

I found this site the other day while looking through them all: PopUrls. Very cool site that basically lists all the recent top articles on all tons of different sites!

Personally I’d like to see it laid out a little differently. But this is a great start!

Yesterday I was leaving work and went through this intersection that I always go through. I turn right there at the light, and apparently it’s a “No right on red” intersection. Though, I SWEAR I’ve never seen a freaking sign there! Anyways, I got a fucking ticket for it. The cop said it would be “about” $300! HOLY SHIT! You’ve got to be kidding me! Ridic! UGH. I was so annoyed that I just went home instead of hitting the gym like I should have.

I want a Super (Mario) Cake at my next b-day party!

Also, I found this really cool travel buddy site. It’s called TripUp. Great place for finding people who are going to be in the area you are traveling! Maybe next time I take a trip I will try and use this to see if I can find someone to meet up with overseas! 🙂

I did a quick search of homes in the OC area. It’s really annoying that all the 55+ communities are SO affordable! Do you think I can pretend to be 55+. Haha.


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