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Burn Baby! … Calories!

So, I was Stumbling again the other day and found CalorieLab. So I looked and according to that thing, I burn between 700 and 900 calories an HOUR whenever I go biking!

CRAZY! So like that Century ride I did, that’s 4,675 calories! Insane! No wonder I am always hungry! And just on a normal weekend ride I can burn 1,400 or so.

The other day I watched Harvard Man. Very very strange. I would not suggest watching it.

Last night I went out with Ben for the first time in a week! He was sick. 🙁 We went out and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was pretty good. But I wish they had stayed more with the original story. And they TOTALLY left it open for a second movie. It was good seeing Ben again.

[private]I also hung out with this guy Logan, who was nice and very interesting. He lives right down the street from me. He was very smart and works for Lexus. Although, he’s going bald and grey already![/private]

I called in today to find out just how much my ticket was going to cost me, apparently tickets aren’t available until 21 days after you get them! WTF?! It should only take them a day or two to scan them into the system! Stupid government!

Ok. Gotta get to work. later!

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Uhh.. in this day and age, you’d think that they’d have it IMMEDIATELY. Everything being digital now a days and all that. That 21 days is just insane!

Well yeah, you’d think that immediately would be the best option. But it was a hand written ticket, so I would think 2-3 days would be the most they would really need.

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