Work, Sleep, Work…

Well, I have some down time right now. They are moving my computer back at the mother ship, so I’m stuck not being able to do any work right now. It’s been a very busy week, although I feel like I haven’t done a thing!

Lets see, Monday work work work. Went out to Lunch with Jesse so that was nice. We went to the Crepe place again, but didn’t get Crepes! Damnit. Oh well. After work I started mapping out all the locations we’re going to in Germany and arranging the schedule to have the least amount of travel time. I think I’ve got them all pretty well laid out now. I realized I made a horrible mistake and Angel and I are flying into different airports! Opps! But it seems like the trips should be easy for the both of us. I’m on the U-Bahn for 9 minutes and she’s on for 12. So not bad at all. The itinerary is located here.

Tuesday I worked again, after work I talked to a few Property Managers and was a sleep by 6:30pm. Opps!

Wed I worked, no surprise there, had lunch with Jason and Austin, went biking and though I was going to DIE and then had a date with this guy. He was ok. We had a good time, but there was a little wierdness, and he’s vegan. I’m not sure I can deal.

Today I’m working, no surprise! I’ve put in bids on a few more contract jobs. One of them that I had a meeting with like a month ago just called me back last night and said they are still working on getting the new hardware. So that’s good. I thought I had lost them. I need the money! Going to go the gym tonight and relax in the sauna. My back is killing me, my legs are killing me, my side is killing me. Basically I hurt all over the place!

Friday I’m heading down to NB, lunch with Robert and hopefully going to try to hang out with some other people. I was supposed to go to Palm Springs this weekend with Austin, but he cancelled because of his unruly work schedule. THen I was supposed to go camping with this guy, but I haven’t heard anything from him. So who knows! Sunday is a bike ride. And HOPEFULLY this weekend I can get the clock finished! The boards are “Out for delivery” now!

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