Private: The Return

It’s been a long and really emotional weekend for me.

Friday night was Little Shop of Horrors. I got to Dusin’s about 5ish, and traffic getting there was hell. Set up the stuff that I had brought and he cleaned up his apartment. He wouldn’t stop talking though and clean, so it took him forever. We were 30 minutes late getting out of there.

Got to the theater and I just stood around waiting for everyone to get there. The play it self was really good. I enjoyed it.

After that was the after party at the theater. He talked to like everyone and we didn’t get out of there till 11:10, when we should have been out of there by 10:45. Got back to his place and it took me forever to find parking.

The party was fun. Lots of random people there. Joel, Jon, Ryan and I just all hung out on the couch and talked. People ate my food, but not as much of it as they should have. Went to bed at like 3:00 and got up Saturday morning about 9.

Went home and cooked the dinner for Dustin and I. Had just finished at 1, when Dustin was supposed to have been getting there. However he called and said he was JUST LEAVING. So he was again, 30 minutes late. As soon as he got there we left for the theater in Laguna Beach. Got there and ssaw Last Easter. Horrible production! Absolutely horrible.

After that we walked down to the beach and looked around and then went up to Top of the world where we ate dinner. Went back to my house and he left. I went to sleep and got up about 10:15ish.

Headed over to Joel’s and hung out with the boys till Dustin got there…. 15 minutes late this time. ONce he got there we all headed down to the Boom.

Austin was there, I really did not enjoy seeing him again. Although I was very pleasent towards him. He was being VERY touchy feely with Joel and Jon. I do not like him being in my group of friends at all. But alas, I cannot tell them who they can and can’t be friends with. Austin and I are also meeting today, we shall see how that goes. I’m a bit nervous for it.

Got home about 3 again from the boom and went to bed. Got up about 10 sunday morning and showered and then drove dusin back to his car. He left and I spent the rest of the day lounging around my apartment and starting the packing process.

Sunday was SUPPOSED to have been a whole day to hang out with him. But as the weekend grew on, he suddendly had more and more things to do. It was very annoying. When he left Sunday morning we had plans still, A movie and then Sunday night line up on FoX. He was supposed to call me to let me know what time he was leaving work, but he never did.

So, as you can probably tell, I’m a bit annoyed with him. He was late for everything this weekend, and then completely ditched on the plans for sunday. Ugh.

Either way, I got pretty damn emotional as I was getting ready for bed last night. Just seeing all my shit being packed away, and all my empty walls, and knowing that I have no where to live. I just don’t know what to do.


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