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It all about the Cheese!

Ok, so I LOVE flavored cheese… You know, like Roasted Tomato and Garlic chesse, stuff like that. I usually don’t eat much of it though, because well, it’s bad for you and expensive.

But today I went out looking for some. I bypassed my normal places, Vons and Ralphs because I knew they didn’t have what I wanted.

So I go to three other grocery stores and NONE of them have the cheeses I like! 5 stores, not a one good cheese!?! WTF? This is supposed to be the place where you can get ANYTHING! Right?

So why is it that I can go to my mom&pop grocery store in Iowa and have a HUGE selection of flavored cheese and NOT HERE IN CALI!??!


Anyone know a specialty cheese store in the area?

Today I’ve done 649 lines of code and 21594 chars… I think it’s time to go home! 🙂

I’m so excited for tonight!

I want to get a shotgun rack for my car. Yesterday it took me an hour to get from SM to LB @2pm! People were being SO STUPID!

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Forget the new car or the move and just buy a helicopter. Then you will have no worries except for finding a place to park.

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