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I Hate IE!

Ugh. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Why can’t fucking M$ follow standards?!

I’m trying to code these sites for people. I use Safari and Firefox to test all my sites. They look great in those browsers. I try and verify everything against the code validator site, and usually do a pretty good job with it. But then!

I go and use IE, and it looks like shit! There’s borders all the way around things, when the CSS clearly states there should only be a border-bottom! The font sizes are all fucked up, and it’s not using the default font that I tell it to use! Ugh, this is so annoying!

There are standards for a reason people! Learn to use them!

More work drama… Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave the VP came into my office and told me not to sign any leases till things are decided on. Ugh! I’ve got like 2 weeks to find a place to live!

I’m out.

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