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Private: The Convo….

Austin: Hey chris waddup? Its me austin

Me: hi?

Austin: Hi! I asked wassup?

Me: hanging with the boy.. you?

Me: So why are you contacting me after more then a month?

Austin: Howve you been? What’s new?

Me: I have been excellent… And yourself?

Austin: I been good

Me: Good to hear, so why are you contacting me now?

Austin: Met ur friends at the boom. thought i’d drop a hello. are you better now?

Me: What do you mean, am I better now?

Austin: Are we cool to be friends?

Me: You are the one who said… “I will call you when I want to hang out” and then never called. You are the one who blocked me on AIM. You are the one who didn’t reply to me when I tried wishing you a happy birthday. So you tell me?

Austin: Is that a no

Me:I never stopped wanting to be… You are the one who cut me out. You need to realize when people want to be your friend and treat them like that.

Austin: I said no more IMing.. because it was getting to be too much to deal with

Me: to much? you are just an idiot who doesn’t understand what a friendship means. Clearly you still haven’t learned.

Austin: Ok then thanks for answering my question.

Me: Learn how to treat your friends and then you can talk.

Austin: This idiot won’t bother you anymore


Austin: Let’s just get along… WE both did things that pissed each other off.

Me: Um. What exactly did I do?

Austin: Look if you wanna be friends its yes or no. We can continue to being like this, but I think it’s stupid.

Me: Austin, you cut me off suddenly with no reson. Now all of a sudden you want to be friends again? I want to know why?

Austin: Omg, you could have called me anytime, but you never did. All i said was I was tired of fighting online. I wanna be friends because….Without the drama, there were times that we got along and had fun.

Me: I didn’t call because you said YOU would call me. Yes, there were lots of fun times… So we can try friends again, but the first time you start putting me down again, I am gone. I don’t need you telling me I’m boring and such a horrible person.

Ok, so yes. I did get a little rude there at the end, but I’m sorry. He was taking literaly 12 hours to reply to each thing, and I was sick of it. What the fuck did he want.

Like I said, he cut ME out. I have no reason to want to be his friend again right now.

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Yeah, I just dunno how to deal with this situation since he’s trying to talk to my friends and all.. I guess he’s been calling Jon to hang out a lot.
Ugh! Fucking jerk.

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