1. Have you ever had sex/oral sex with someone of the same sex? – Yes

2. Ever thought about it? – Yes

3. Ever had sex that lasted only minutes? – Yes! (We were in a hurry, his sister was pulling INTO the parking lot)!

4. Have you ever taken someone’s virginity? Yes

5. Have you ever kissed or french kissed someone of the same sex? – Yes

6. Have you ever been totally naked with someone of the same sex? – Yes

7. Ever gone skinny dipping? – All the Time.

8. Have you ever mooned, streaked, flashed or been the lucky one to witness any of these? – Yes

9. Is there anyone you have simply been wanting to sleep with? – Yes

10. Have you ever had a one night stand? – Tried it once and nothing ended up happening because I chickened out.

11. Have you and your partner had sex while others were in the room? – Yes

12. Have you had sex in a public place where you could have been caught? – Yes – The Skywalks in DM and at the Lake

13. Has the sex been so wild that you broke something? – Not that I recall?

14. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle? – Yes, in a Wells Fargo Office Building Parking Lot

15. Have you ever given/received oral sex while one of you were driving? – Yes

16. Have you ever had sex on top of a car? No

17. Have you ever had sex/oral sex in an elevator, stairwell, phone booth, bathroom stall or any other small, confined public area? – Yes

18. Ever tried doggy style? – Of Course

19. Have you ever had sex for 3 hours? – Yes

20. Ever tried the 69 position? – Yes

21. Has 3 or more positions in one session ever been accomplished? – Yes

22. Have you and your partner had sex in a shower, tub, pool, hot tub or on the beach? – Shower, Tub, Pool, Hot Tub… Sadly no beach yet. 🙁

23. Ever had an entire session of just oral and other methods of sex without penetration? – Yes

24. Have you or your partner ever used handcuffs or any other form of bondage? – No

25. Ever wear sexy lingerie? – No

26. Have you ever done a strip tease? – Yes

27. Ever been cut off completely from sex because your partner was pissed off at you? – Nope. But I’ve cut them off

28. Have you ever been hung over, naked and sore and not quite sure why? – No

29. Ever wake up sore, scratched, bruised and feel proud? – No

30. Have you, had sex/oral sex in a movie theater, sporting event or any public transportation? – Yes

31. Have you ever got drunk and had sex with someone you wouldn’t have sober? – No

32. Have you ever slept beside someone of the opposite sex all night w/o having sex? – Yes

33. Ever shave yourself completely (down there)? Yes – Mostly only Trim

34. Ever shave someone else? Yes

35. Ever go to the E.R. and have to explain certain injuriescaused by a sexual act? – No

36. Have you ever cybered or had phone sex? – Yes

37. Have you or your partner had the kind of sex where you are totally fulfilled and not wanted more? – Yes

38. Have you ever used sex as a bargaining tool or weapon to get your way?- Yes

39. Have you ever disturbed people with loud sex? – Yes

40. Had sex with someone on vacation and you never saw them again? – No

41. Ever had sex in the rain? – Yes (In the hot tub too, is that double points?!)

42. Have you ever bought something from a sex shop or adult party? – Yes

43. Have you ever left the house without wearing underwear on purpose? Yes

44. Have you ever taken it in the ass? – Duh!

45. Have you ever stuck something other than a penis In your partner’s ass? – Yes (Dildo)

And the funny thing is…. I’ve only had sex with 3 people! I’m so dirty.

And is it dirty because I was listening to a Christian Rock band while filling this out?

3 thoughts on “WARNING: TMI!!”

  1. Getting together with Chris sounds like winning the lottery. Really wonderful. But probably something I’ll never get to experience!

  2. I’m a prude till I get into a relationship… then I can be pretty wild.. I guess that would be the word. 🙂

    It’s funny that I’ve only been in 3 relationships, but I’ve had so much sex and done so much! haha. Probably a lot more then some of those stupid sluts. Like I was talking to this guy a while back and he said he’d had sex with 35 people in his life.. But he said he had only HAD sex 40 times! I was like, DIRTY.

    I’ve probably had sex over 100 times, but with 3 people. 🙂 I’d say quality over quantity. haha.

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