Hectic Wed!

OMG, yesterday was so crazy around here!

Things were all broken again when I got here at 6am. The UPS is bad. So I had to take care of that, then the build wasn’t working. And plus I had 8 million other things to do.

By the time I left here last night I had 8,000,010 things! lol. Either way. I ended up working till 8:30 last night. I’m going to take off a few hours early today and a few tomorrow. Then I’ve got things to do this weekend as well for work. Blah!

Yesterday when I left my apartment at 5:30am it was like 58 or 60 degrees outside. When I got home at 3pm, it was 105! How crazy is that? Plus the winds were blowing insane!

Looks like today will be more of the same. 🙁

And that’s all I really have to say.


One thought on “Hectic Wed!”

  1. Well hopefully you will have a nice weekend.

    The last two days here have been COLD. Like in the lower 60’s for highs with blowing wind. And then at night it’s like in the 30’s. But this weekend it is supposed to warm up in the upper 70’s to 80’s. Weird weather we have sometimes.


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