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Rory Gilmore Sex Boat

Rory Gilmore Sex Boat.

That’s all I have to say!

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no idea what you mean.. that’s probably because i’m not home every tuesday night. ugh!

::checks for torrents:: d’oh! nada. i really should record the show.

so rory gilmore sex boat.. is she like a fat slut now or what? lol

Haha, no.. but they did show logan shirtless! Yummy!

I’ve recoded the shows on my MythBox, but they are currently 4Gigs/Hour. Once I get nuvexport to work I can convert them to Divx and torrent them.

Adios. 🙂

logan shirtless?! whoa, it’s suddenly really steamy in here.. lol

so you gotta let me know when the torrent is available! i really need to catch up with the gilmores. 😀 thanks man!

No, they did have sex in the boat house though!

This post is in reference to Rory Stealing the boat last season… Paris said “Do a goolge search for ‘Rory Gilmore sex boat'” in Tuesday nights episode.

And I’m kinda surprised that there are no torrents this season.. I was able to find them pretty easy last season.

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