How was your day?

You what really annoys me sometime…. It’s when people don’t ask you how your day is. You know, if you’re friends with someone, I just feel that upon greeting them that day, or specific time you should say, “Hi, how are you doing” or something like that. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve been raised in a customer service home. You know, being raised at the store, you welcomed everyone with ‘Good Morning so-and-so, how are you doing today” It was just the nice thing to do. But what’s happened? How come people don’t ask you how you are doing? Blah. I just think that if you’re going to be friends with someone, you should ask them how they are doing.

On the other hand though, it does ANNOY the hell out of me when some people ask me how I’m doing. IE, There’s this guy who works in the Santa Monica office who IMs me like once a week with some stupid problem. I always know that when he IMs me he’s got a problem. I’ve NEVER met the guy in person, I’ve NEVER talked to him on the phone. I only talk to him through AIM, But he ALWAYS blabs for a while, you know “HOw you doing” blah blah. In these cases, I know the guy doesn’t give a shit about how I’m doing, so why bother asking? You’ve got a problem, IM me and say, “I have a problem” don’t waste my time with “How are you”, etc!

But I do think that people who should care, should ALWAYS ask how one is doing.. It took a while to get Andrew to do it all the time, but now he’s good at it. Just have to push the rest of my friends to do it. lol

You might notice that this post is a little late in the day for me… I usually post shortly after I get to work…. Well let me start with last night…

I ended up working from home till 5:30 or so, then stopped because I was asked to push things back to 6:30. So I tried getting on at 6:30 to work, but the network here was down because they were doing work. So I didn’t do my work last night and just planned on doing it this morning. Since I had already put in 3 hours extra yesterday anyways.

Well I went to bed about 9pm.. And lately I haven’t been sleeping too well… More on that later… Anyways, I go to bed and then some jerk calls me at 10:30! So I get online to find out who it was, Find it it’s the guy that ALWAYS calls people when they aren’t on call… (I should really add his number to my phone so that I know who it is). So I get online and am kinda bitchy to him, because I’m NOT ON CALL this week! And then go to bed. Of course I couldn’t get back to sleep. 🙁

Well I wake up about 4:30 and still couldn’t get on the VPN, so I figure maybe it’s just that that’s not working, so I lounge around the house for a while and then get ready and come in about 5:45ish. To find out the WHOLE NETWORK is down! So I go upstairs to the network room and find that one of the UPSes had blown it’s fuse. I reset it and the 7th floor’s network starts working just fine, but for some reason the 15th floor still isn’t working. So I look into that, then I find out that the RT box and the local webserver aren’t up. So I have to start working on those!

Eventually our network guy got here and he took over looking into the network issue (I never would have figured it out!). And I dig into the rt/webserver problems. I eventually had to reboot both them off the CD’s and then fsck the hard drives! That sounds so dirty! Anyways, after that the webserver came up ok, but the RT box didn’t come up. By this time I had a few other things to do, so one of the other SAs took over the RT box and got it fixed pretty quickly. Ended up being some error with the LDAP connection. (Which i supected, just didn’t know how to fix).

So hat’s been my day so far. I’m going to take off here soon to make up for the time yesterday. Hitting the gym and then making tacos for supper. 🙂 Yummy!

Anyways, about the sleeping. I’ve been reading up on this whole Chemo/Radiation stuff that Blake’s been going through. It just depresses me so much and makes me so sad that someone as amazing as him has to go through this at such a young age! I mean, if it were me, I probably would hav egiven up by now and just said screw it…. Hell, I don’t have anywhere near as big of problems as he has and sometimes I still feel like giving up…. I dunno what keeps him going but i hope he keeps fighting it and I hope that he wins soon.


7 thoughts on “How was your day?”

  1. You know I think the reason alot of people don’t ask people “How is your day going?” is because they don’t want to stand there and listen to what that person might have to say. Some people will go into detail and list every single thing for the whole day.

    And it seems like society today is in a fast pace mode. No one has time to socialize anymore. It’s drive fast to where ever it is your going and don’t spend no time talking to people.

    When I run into people or friends I know I always try to ask “How is going with them?” or “Hello how have you been?” It’s being polite and that is the way I was raised.

    Maybe it is an Iowa thing?

  2. Even if everyone is in a hurry, if the person is your friend you should be able to make the time to ask them how thier day is… But perhaps it is just an Iowa/Mid-west thing. Who knows.

    But I always make it a point to ask people how thier day is… And when people just say “good” or “fine” I usually hound them for more information! haha.

  3. i’m doing good. thanks for asking.

    anyway, i always have people asking how i am.. but the thing is, I know they don’t really care.. it’s like a routine, you know. i remember ellen degeneres mentioned something about that in one of her stand up routines.. i’ll go look for it.

  4. Yes, i have people ask me all the time too, who don’t really care. Those people bug the shit out of me… But if someone is your “friend” then they SHOULD care and SHOULD bother asking.

  5. People always ask how i am able to go through it. Easy just force yourself to go. No it is a lot more than that. it was hard for me at first but people like CHris and Jimmy make me want to continue to go so one day i may be able to have a future with them. Even though i am happy with my past with Jimmy and Chris, so far. I wish it were like magic where the you only need to know 3 secrets, all others are vain, the first and second are Practice and the third is Practice some more….Oh well it will never be that easy.

  6. Well I sure hope that you can have a future with Jimmy…. But I’m you’ll ditch me soon, so that won’t matter. 😛

    No, honestly I hope you and I can have a future too… As friends and maybe more. 😉

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