I don’t remember if I mentioned a while back, but I created a fake account on adam4adam with one of my friends from South Dakotas pictures. (Yes I told him). Anyways, he’s way hotter then I am, and has a shirtless pic that I could use.

Anywas, in under 10 days, this fake account has gotten over 200 e-mails from boys wanting to fuck… And not a single one has got a reply!

It’s really depressing on a few notes.

First, because when I e-mailed some of these boys just to chat and shit they ignored me. Which I guess is expected since it’s a total hookup site. And Secondly, because there are so many boys who are willing to just hook up completly randomly with someone they’ve NEVER MET before.

I mean, it’s bad. If you’re willing to just send someone an e-mail after seeing TWO PICTURES of them. And give them youre phone number and address and say, “Come and get fucked” That’s just sick. I mean, it’d at least be better if you preteneded that you wanted to hang out and then fucked.. or something!

lol. whatever. Laters.

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  1. I got an even better one for you. I made up a fake a screen name, with information in the profile of a nice looking african-american male. I am in true life a nice looking american male, but however of stocky build, as oppose to my fictious person being on of a muscular statute. In the made up profile, also indicate that I am hiv positive. In reality I am not. On of the intentional reason for making up this screen name, is the fact that I suspect that a lot of guys on Adams4Adams are lying about the their HIV status. The fictious screen name was used to sort of double check on them. In speaking with some one under my actual screen name, and viewing their profile to where many to these indicate they are HIV Negative. Once a conversation insued, I would log off and log on to the fictious screen name and began a conversation. In many of screen name I’ve spoken to using the fake screen name, those same guys who stated or even indicate on their profile that their HIV negative, told me they were actually HIV positive. Suprisingly as well their are many guys who are willing to take the risk of hooking up with a and HIV infected person as well. One guy even told me I could pull out before I cum, when informed him that I wanted to bareback only.

  2. Ok, that is crazy!

    Exactly why I DO NOT want to hook up with people. You never know what they are telling the truth about…

    Fucking homo’s… I just want to comit to someone now. 🙁

  3. I heard of this site about 2 weeks ago opened a profile with no resonses. I had pics up there for about six days and the respoces have been off the chain. Now just like every other man I have strong desire for sex/love making, but choose to maintain self control. I thought my profile was clear. 1/1 LTR. But i’ve been hit up by those who just want a hook up?????? I am HIV neg and love that. I know some of you don’t believe that it’s still out there but it is. I work with people in my profession who have HIV/AIDS. And to those of you who are positive there are so many other diseases that can complicate your health and different kinds of HIV, and If you aquire, these other types of HIV may limit the cocktail of meds that your doctor can use to help you. Being positive is not a death sentence but you must take your health seriously. So I must remove my profile now 🙁

    P.S. You can get HIV/AIDS and other STD’S from oral sex, DON’T LET ANYONE LIE TO YOU ABOUT THAT.


  4. well i myself must say i have alot of gay guy friends.and am always giving them advice about being in that website adams4adams.theres always an issue with meeting people through the web,either they have already hookup with ur closes friend,has in std,is physcotic asshole,lier or is marry with children (which ends up being gay).i dont i personally dont like me the creeps.i dont about u guys but i dont wanna die of an STD or HIV.LIFE IS TO BEAUTIFUL.LIVE IT,LEARN IT,& LUAGH UR ASSOFF IT CAUSE LIFE IS ONLY ONE!!!! IN A GOODWAY.I know sometimes they probably think I WORRY TOO MUCH BUT IS CAUSE I LUV THEM THEIR MY FRIENDS N I DONT WANNA SEE THEM GET HURT WITH DOES STRANGE PEOPLE.THERS A LOT OF CRAZY PEOPLE OUT THERE.AND I HAVE SEEN ALOTS OF MY FRIENDS GET PLAY IN ADAMS 4 ADAMS.ITS CRAZY SOME OFF MY FRIENDS HAVE GONE OUT WITH THE SAME PEOPLE N BECOME ENEMYS, CAUSE THEY END UP FIGHTING FOR THE SAME NOT KNOWING THAT THEIR BEING PLAY.BUT THEY JUST DONT GET THE PIONT THEY JUST KEEP MEETING PEOPLE,GOING OUT WITH THEM WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THEM WELL.

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