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Well I went back to my normal gym today… Thankfully the dirty man wasn’t there. lol. However I did eat an ice cream bar after I was done. lol…. And I’m back down to 172 now, so I’ve lost 8 pounds… I’m wondering where it’s coming from because I don’t think the belly is getting any smaller yet!

So yeah, only 9 hours of sleep today. And I ate a minute steak. It was yummy, but I was too lazy to make potatos to go with it. Maybe tomorrow or something. I love mashed potatos… My grandma makes the best, well to tell you the truth, they’re actually MY mashed potatos when we go there and eat them. It’s the thing that I’m in charge of at her house. But her noodles make the mashed potatos even better… God I can’t wait tell August when I get to go back. I’m going to have her make me a big roast and noodles and just sit there and eat bowl after bowl of htem..

I’m also going to hit up Tylers Pharmacy and get a…. Uh oh, I can’t remember the name of those drinks… but either way, they’re only 25 cents and so good. That places was such a great part of my childhood. I love it there.. I’m going to take SO many pictures when I go there this summer. Good old small town Iowa. 🙂

Umm.. I called Andrew tonight, of course I got his voice mail. I cried… I also got an e-mail from Susan again, saying not to do anything stupid and to call her if I need to. She’s sucha great woman.

I also left my hours at 10pm, instead of 11 tonight… I thought it was 11 when I left, in fact I didn’t realize it was 10 tell I got to the gym and asked myself why the place was so damn busy! Gah. I could have watched another episode of QaF! Blasted. Oh well.

I’m kind of annoyed at work. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m re-writing large parts of the timesheet. Well, I added this status report thing, and then it got changed and now it’s being changed BACK to the way I had it the first time. So annoying. It’s like, hello! Let’s think things through here. Blah. Also, since I got to the gym an hour early, I also came in an hour early, and I was going to spend that hour writing this updae and doing other random things for myself… but it was spent instead fixing a problem that didn’t exist.

I got a job offer today too. I had been interviewing with this company in DM, however when they sent me the offer they changed it from a fulltime job to an 8 week contract job in italy or something random like that. I had to say no.

Mmmm, mashed potatos and noodles!

Laters all.

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Speaking of mashed potatoes-Janell made them at our last family function and they were yucky! Waaaay runny. You need to come back for every holiday and save us from that.

Mmmm. Minute steaks and mashed potatoes and gravy. That is one of my favorite meals that Tim makes. Maybe I will make that tonight and take some for Tim to eat. Mine won’t be as good as his, but I can try. He always flours and fries the minute steaks and they are so tender and delicious. And his gravy just rawks. Ok, now I hav gotten myself hungry. I knew I should have had some breakfast this morning.

Too bad the job didn’t lead to full time back in Iowa. That might have been fun. Just think about all of those cute Italian boys. 🙂

I know, doesn’t that sound SO GOOD. Who knew that such a cheap cut could be so good. Just goes to show you don’t have to be rich to enjoy some good meat.

And yeah, I was so annoyed becaues they decided at the last minute that it’d be easier to send someone there to do the work for 2 months and then they’d give the updating/etc over to the other SA’s already there. I only wish I could take a two month leave from my job here.. I’d totally do it!

lol. Later!

Why did you cry? if you really want to talk, I can give you the instructions for calling me aboard ship. or mother can. Either way.

Take care.

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