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Umm, I mentioned a while ago that I felt depression starting to kick in again. Well, it’s in full force now and I’m really feeling it. All the clasic signs.

1) I nnormaly don’t eat much, but lately I’ve been eating even less.

2) I’ve been sleeping on average 11 hours a day lately. Not good

3) No motivation

So yeah. Blah to that shit.

Umm, so lets see. Andrew leaves tomorow. I’m very sad to see him go. I’m not sure what I’ll do with not having someone to talk to every night. 🙁

My replacement QaF came today too, so that was exciting. The UPS man was hot.. I hope he delivers my other package. And I hope that I get it this week. Though it’s coming from Ohio, so I doubt that I will. I can’t wait to get my camera!

The inernet here has been out all night which is very annoying. So I used our connection to PHS-NY and have been using that as our iinternet connection.

Speaking of work. I’m fairly annoyed because every day this week my desk has been messed up when I come in, like my computer is moved and all that. It’s very annoying.

Anyways. later.

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