[Billy Joel, “Lullabye”]

La la la la, I’m procrastinating. I have to write this stupid paper about the whole Sept 11th thing. I have the intro done, which is good. But I don’t want to do the whole research part of it. Grrr at that. Why can’t I just know everything. We should be built in with all the knowledge we’ll ever need to know. lol. Screw books, who needs ’em? We already know it all. hehe.

Yeah, procrastination…..

Adam thinks that I’m mad at him. I’m not, I’m sad that he thinks that. I don’t like having him think that I’m mad at him, or having him mad at me. 🙁

There’s some dancy thing this weekend that Adam’s going to. I’m not going, he didn’t ask me to go. He said he’s going to go by himself, so I’m all alone Friday night. Someone call me so we can do something. (How pathetic is that?)

La la la, procrastinating. I like starbrusts.

There’s some movie thing Friday and Saturday night at Valley High School. This kid made a film about how people use “gay” as a derogatory word. Everyone should go. It’s at 6 and 7 and it’s only like 40 minutes long, it’d be cool.

La la la. I should work.

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