June 12, 2001

june 12, [billy joel, "the river of dreams"] well it’s 8:15 am

and i’m just getting back from breakfast, i have about 20 minutes tell i have

to head to my area so i thought i would write some since i didn’t get a chance

to yesterday. tuesday was a bitch. plain and simple. it rained all morning

and all afternoon, and i mean rained hard. we had to cook in the rain, but

we couldn’t get the fires started and the kitchen wouldn’t let us in the dining

hall to eat cause they didn’t have the food to feed us. so we cooked in QM

on propane and pete ate my ass off for that. but hey, the customers come first

that’s what he always says. so yep. and then we worked our asses off at the

eveing program didn’t even get supper cause we were busy with that. when we

got done with that pete called everyone and said "all staff to the office

NOW" we got there and he told us to go change into work clothes, the

CO2 fire extingusher went off in the building and covered EVERYTHING with

this thick yellow dust. it was nasty and we had to clean the entire place,

we didn’t get done with that tell about 10:30 then i went and took a shower

and went to bed. that was pretty much my day yesterday, hope today’s better.

laters all.

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