My Life

June 12, 2001

june 12, [bee gees, "jive talking"] well it’s been a really long

day, it’s "big sister night" as the staff calls it, more like big

brother night for me, 🙂 but yeah, it’s family night, tonight went really

well. all kinds of cool stuff, the call out ceremony went on and yeah, it

was a good night. i met andy’s older brother, grant woullums, he’s 17 and

damn fucking hot, they two, andy and grant, look almost exactly the same,

and they are both damn cute. i guess that pete and brad have been hearing

alot of good things about eagle bound this year, so i’m happy about that,

really cool. i’m liking that. umm that’s about all i have to write tonight,

so im going to go to bed now, tomorrows going to be another long one with

everything i ahve to get done. night all.

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