March 28, 2001

march 28. so it’s 10:02 am and i am officially bored out of

my mind. damnit. i hate mwf’s cause there’s never anything to do during the

day. i have a test tonight, that’s going to suck major arse. it’s in accounting

which i think i can easily pull off. but i’m going to start to study about

5 or so, the test is at 6, yay. so i called that guy last night, no answer

so i left a message, eh. i’ll try again tonight after the test thingy. danny

and i talked for like 4 hours last night, that was nice. it was so sad though.

i fell asleep holding the phone. i so wish i could go out there to see him

sometime. i really do. really really really do. so what should i do today,

hmmm. i dunno. i spose i could get lab 8 done for that stupid ass programming

class, but then i’d have nothing else to do. oh, we don’t have class on friday,

i guess that’s ok, i’d rather actually have class, but, oh well. i guess i’ll

ave the whole day to do nothing then, lol. hopefully the roomie will go home

and i’ll have the room to myself. yeah, that would be nice. i should go home,

but i’m not going to cause i can’t afford it. 10:12 am, bored. it’s now 2:35

and i have now officailaly switched over to Win2K Server. hehe, yeah, that’s

what i did, i was so fucking ass bored i changed OSes, lol, but by doing this

i got past the bandwidth cap, lol. so this is nice, now lets

see if Win2k really has better uptimes then winME. so far i’ve gotten everything

i needed installed. so i’m all happy, and i can still go back to WinMe, or

Win98 or Linux if i have to, cause i’m just that good, lol. ok, so now that

this is done, i’m bored again, if they weren’t such BOFH’s in the CS department

i would make this an actual server and put my website up on it, but they won’t

let me do that, fuckers. well i’m going to go play with the persmissions some,


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