March 27, 2001

marh 27. ::sad:: so i didn’t get into SDSU like i was hoping

i would. so now if i don’t get into my other college i’ll be stuck at UNL

::shudders:: ya know i really don’t know why i go to gov class, we never learn

anything and it just always make me mad. ya know we’re doing that simulation

thing and today some twat introduced a bill that would make abortion first-degree

murder. now i don’t agree with abortion, but i think that if a women wants

one they should be allowed to get one. the governement should just stay the

hell out of that area. i’m not going any farther with this, cause i can ramble

on and on. so i’ll leave the boring shit out. lol. so a know i got that e-mail

from that guy, and last night he e-mailed me back and said to call him, so

i’m going to call him again tonight, lol. i dunno. AHH, i just want to fucking

scream, the programming people are so fucking stupid. we had this test right

and one of the questions was “Generally you open a file in the Form_Load

procedure” well since the answer is soooooo fucking FALSE, that’s what

i marked, but the bastards fucking counted that wrong because the fuckers

said “but in this class we do that” and i said, but you preach “in

the real world” so fucking much, and that’s NOT WHAT THEY FUCKING DO

IN THE FUCKING REAL WORLD! damnit. mother fuckers. so they i talked to my professor to try and get some sense fucking knoked into him and he’s like

“well i agree with you, but i didn’t write the test” well fuck if

you didn’t write the fucking test if you agree with me god damnit, you should

take the matter into your fuycking hands and fix the mother fucking questiong.

god fucking damnit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. fuckers. i’m so fucking glad i’m

getting the hell out of htere, any fucking 2 year old could pass the classes

in this fucking place. and any 5 year old could fucking teach them. goddamnit.

ok, i feel better now. HA bastards I’ll fucking show them, here’s the e-mail

i just sent to the head of the department: I have a question

about one of the test questions. Number 9 says something along the lines of

“Generally you open a file in the Form_Load Procedure.” I answered false to

this question because you should not do this. You open the file just before

you need it and close it just after you are done with it, sometimes this is

in the Form_Load procedure, but in this case it didn’t say you were using

the file there. I talked to Jim McKeown and he said that he agreed with me

but that I needed to talk to you about getting the question fixed. This class

is big on preaching “in the real world” and “proper naming conventions.” I

know that in the “real world” they do not do this, and they “generally” open files just before using them and then close them right after they are done

using them. I also think that if you are going to push “proper naming conventions”

that you should also follow proper programming techniques such as this. I

would like for you to evaluate this question and possibly add the points back

to my test. I feel that had the question been worded differently such as “In

this class we generally…” then the answer would have been true, but in the

“real world” this is not the case. HA, bastards, i can’t wait to see

thier come back to that one. fuckers. HA stupid fuckers look at this e-mail

i just got from the head: Thanks for your clarification

of the test question. Since we are using this textbook for class, the textbook

indicates on page 379 “Opening and Closing Data Files” that “Generally, you

will open the file in the Form_Load procedure.” The question on the test was

taken from the author’s test bank. We don’t do an evaluation of each test

question based on real world application since many of our students have not

had any real world applications and are just trying to understand the concepts

in the chapter. They accept what the author states in the textbook as a beginning

concept to learn the material. Once they get out in the “real world”, they

understand “the real world” does things differently and doesn’t always follow

the textbook concepts. I have no problem at all giving you the point back,

but since I am not your instructor, you need to convince your instructor.

You have a very understanding instructor, so just approach him again. I also

sent this email to him. I don’t need to fix the question because based on

what the author states the question is T. If you feel based on “your” experience,

the question is F, just approach your instructor, and he has the authority

to give you the point back. We don’t usually change the answer to test questions

based on a student’s experience, but on the concepts that we are teaching

in the texbook. Thanks for your viewpoint. HA stupid fuck offs, i just

raised my grade on that test from a B to an A with that one fucking question,

::grins:: I’m going to keep that 110% i have in that fucking class if i have

to be pissy about every little fucking thing, ::grins mean like::

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